Offseason Moves That Could Fix Up The Defense.

This is my first fanpost so if it was hard to read I apologize before hand.

I was going over different possibilities in my head on how to fix the defense without forking out to much money or signing many super free agents, and I came across this scenario.

First, I'll start with the Draft.

Right now I have us picking out side of the top ten, for the reasons of 1. I think we will win out and 2. The teams that have the same record as us or a game a head of us will lose out (With the exception of the Eagles) and since I don't want to go into the tie breaking procedures and such, I'm just going to put us in the 11-15 range.

So with our first round pick I have us taking Brandon Thompson, DT from Clempson. He has good size, nice speed for a big man, a decent burst off the line, and just dominates on the line.

For our second round pick, I have us double dipping at the DT position with Dontari Poe, DT, Memphis. After Drafting Brandon Thompson we decide to pair him with another DT with extreme upside in Poe. Poe is a monster physically standing at 6'5 and weighing around 350, he also is a good tackler...unlike our defense.

The reason behind drafting two DTs is simple,1. I believe defensive success starts up front with a monster DL, 2003 was a perfect example of that seeing as how we had an average secondary and other then Dan Morgan, our LB core was average 2. I don't think Fua and McClain will amount to much more then decent rotational players, and Poe and Thompson have way more upside then any DT we have on our roster, and I would rather not count on an aging DT to be someone to hold up the line. With a line made up of Hardy, Johnson, Thompson and Poe, with McClain, Fua, Keiser and Applewhite as rotational guys, we could see the return of a line similar to our glory days of '03.

Now as for free agency, I have us signing Tyvon Branch (24 years of age, plays for the Oakland Raiders) while he isn't the best at covering people, he can tackle, which is more then what we can say about Martin.

So with these additions, here is what I would imagine our depth chart would look like:

DT: Thompson, Poe, McClain, Fua, Edwards, Neblett.

DE: Johnson, Hardy, Keiser, Applewhite, Norwood.

LB: Beason (hopefully fully healthy), Anderson, Davis (hopefully can stay on the field) Senn (starter if Davis can't play) Thomas Williams, Connor, Gaither.

DB: Gamble, Hogan, Munnerlyn (he returns to where he rightfully belongs), Butler, Stanford

S: Branch, Godfrey, Martin, Pugh.

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