2012 Roster Keepers... and departures that wouldn't make me cry.

As I watched the game today, there are a few players that I think deserve to stay on the roster next season. Now of course, this not about the obvious keepers... the is about the less obvious guys. My information on contract lengths isn't really up to par, but here are my nominees for roster keepers for the 2012 season:

1. Jordan Senn. The last few weeks this guys is always around the ball. Last year his numbers were very pedestrian, but Senn has really progressed. He's easily surpassed his play of last year and helped a rather weak linebacking unit. For what I've seen of Senn in his 5 starts, I'd like to see him back next year. Keep him!

2. Thomas Keiser. Being an un-drafted rookie, you really have to make the best of your playing time, if you even get any. In his 5 appearances (before today), he's accumulated 3 sacks, and 1 INT. I'd love to see Keiser continue to develop and be a stud backup in the DE rotation. Definitely a keeper!!

3. Legedu Naanee. Although some will disagree with me here, Naanee has been much better in the second half of the season. This has been his highest statistical year (40 rec, 439 yds, 1 TD) and he also hasn't committed a single turnover. I realize he hasn't been Mr. Clutch, but I don't really think he's hurt this team as it continues to grow. Naanee's fate will be determined by the return of Gettis and further development of our other guys. He holds more value than AE at this point. If he's cheap, I say keep him!

I know there are a few others to throw in the keeper category. Much will be decided after the draft as I really don't see us fixing too many things through free agency. Either way, I'm already looking forward to next season. I'm sure we're in for some changes in the next 8 months.

Last but not least... these people's departure wouldn't make me cry:

1. Olindo Mare. He's had a terrible year, I'm still pissed off at him and for the money we're paying he hasn't been worth a damned penny of it. If anything, we keep working Kunalic or bring in a guy that's not in his late 30's. We need a franchise kicker again. I miss Kasay and we'll never have him again. Doh, Olindo!

2. Armanti Edwards. I'm on the fence with this one. Maybe I'd feel better if he was a former 6th-round draft pick. He hasn't done anything yet... I mean, I guess he completed a pass today. But when your on-field opportunities are limited, it's because you haven't shown enough in practice to warrant those opportunities. We were told, "AE is looking like a WR!" right as the season was about to begin and I'd just actually like to see that: AE, in a game, where he does something. AE has to earn some time on the field before I move him out of this category. With a returning Gettis, I can't see AE anywhere in the WR mix.

3. Jeff Otah. With Otah, it's time to move on. He's played 4 games in the last two seasons. We can't put faith in someone that is a perennial IR. Every time I heard something about Otah and his health, I feel as if I'm being whispered a hallow lie by my evil and dirty ex-wife. I don't need that. Now, every time I think of Otah, I'm reminded of that horrid excuse of a woman. Damn it, Otah!

4. Mike Goodson. Although he's had a few "spark" moments in his young career, I don't think there's room for him in the backfield. Behind D-Will and Stew, there's Josh Vaughan, a very capable fill-in. Hell, Sutton is still out there. I'd love seeing him re-signed. Goodson's had 2 more fumbles than TD's and that's probably a few too many to keep him on next years roster.

5. Thomas Davis. I hate even thinking this because I really like Davis. Physically though, I don't think his knees can last. Now I am sad. *sniffle*

Honestly, if we keep all these guys and win, I wouldn't be happier. I think I'm simply finding things I don't want to see repeated next season. What do y'all think?!

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