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This is going to be an exercise in futility, but I am going to do this anyway. This mock draft has our beloved Panthers sitting in the 6th draft position and will not be doctored up with any sort of trades. Some of these picks may be just a bit unrealistic, but what mock isn't when done at this time of year? These players represent what I would consider an A+ draft as we are able to fill some major holes with some major talent (In my opinion anyway!). Enjoy!

Round 1, Pick 6 Dre Kirkpatrick CB Alabama

I love this kids size and aggressive nature. Excellent in man coverage and pretty solid tackler for a CB. Needs work in zone coverage, but his potential is sky-high.

Round 2, Pick 38 Alameda Ta' amu DT Washington

This immovable NT could be just what we need up front to bolster our run defense in a big way. Extremely strong man that will command double teams. His short arms and absent natural pass-rushing skill allows this mammoth to drop out of the 1st round and into our lap.

Round 4, Pick 101 Sean Spence OLB Miami

Superb instincts make up for his lack of ideal size. Excellent against the run as well as in coverage. Uses his small size and quickness to avoid blockers and is an effective pass-rusher as a blitzer. Could be a starter for the Panthers, if TD is unable to return to form. One of my favorite prospects in this entire draft and would be a steal in round 4.

Round 5, Pick 133 Ray-Ray Armstrong SS Miami

Ok, this is a surprise. Armstrong has all of the talent and tools in the world, but he simply has not put it together as a football player. Needs to mature and make football a priority in his life. This causes him to slip into the 5th round. The kid could turn into an absolute monster given proper coaching and game experience. Not a bad gamble in round 5, however unlikely this scenario may be.

Round 6, Pick 165 Jeff Demps RB Florida

Small and speedy RB could be a very good 3rd down back. Could also help out on special teams in a big way. Needs alot of work to get into Carolinas back field though.

Round 7, Pick 197 Travis Benjamin WR Miami

Who knows, could become a special player with his kind of speed. Very raw, but could be a player in time.

Three Miami players is a bit ridiculous, but that's just how my mock unfolded! Certainly didn't address every need that this team has, but one draft never does. Have fun with it, and tell me what you like, hate, want, don't want, etc...

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