To Sit or Stand at Panther Games?...Fan Poll


A Panther fan named Eileen wrote in to Scott Fowler complaining about being asked to sit down at Panther games instead of standing up and cheering. My first thought was 'Seriously, do we have to ask that' but as the same time I know what she is talking about:

"Longtime Panther fan here who has gone to just about all home games since the very beginning. I've noticed lately, that more and more fans are yelling at other fans to sit down during the games. 

"Now, I'm not talking about excessive standing or inconsiderately blocking the view of a small child, senior citizen, or handicapped person. I'm talking about that they don't seem to want you to stand AT ALL. Not even when we are on D and it's third down? Or when we score? Stadium staff seems to be enforcing this as I have seen them tell fans to sit down!

I recall in the two games I attended this season seeing people telling others to sit down but I think it was more because they were being an ass. I even saw one opposing fan ejected, but again I think it was because they were being belligerent. But what about the situation Eileen is describing?

I think the key questions is whether stadium staff are enforcing it. I'm not sure of the official policy but I can't imagine there is a requirement to remain seated. If so then that is the first thing that should be addressed. But I'm going to assume no such policy exists and that only common courtesy is the rule of thumb.

We will discuss this further and have a fan poll after the jump...

As Eileen points out there are times when common courtesy should keep your standing to a minimum, such as if you are in front of the elderly, handicapped or a small child. Then I'm sure I would try to not stand as much as I would like too. But what if those exceptions do not exist?

Here's my take but feel free to disagree:

I think some level of common courtesy is in order but it should not be expected. If I want to stand the entire game then I should be able to without being vilified by those around me. I will in turn sit down during timeouts or other pauses in the game but as the game goes on I'm sure I would sit more and more, unless its a close game and time is winding down. Honestly I don't stand up that much mainly because I'm scared of falling down the bleachers. Given how steep they are I wouldn't stop bouncing for 10 rows! 

I recall in college standing entire games, standing on the benches and never sitting down. Those were always the best experiences as well. I agree with the Panther fans who say we should be encouraging our fans to stand up more during the game, in particular when our defense needs a big stop and wants the fans to make noise. The fact BoA stadium rarely gets to such hyper levels does enforce the wine-n-cheese impression most have of the crowd. Heck if you want to dispel that then one of the first things to do is put "Stand Up and Shout" on the jumbo-tron at those key moments. And Yes, if someone wants to yell when we are offense then so be it, I would get all worked up about it.

So in summary if the Stadium Staff is enforcing a 'No Standing' policy then that needs to change and instead rely on common courtesy. It's a live sporting event and nobody should be entitled to a clear view at all times just because they don't feel like standing. If you are in front of someone disadvantaged then I would hope you would extend appropriate amount of courtesy. But otherwise I'm pretty sure our team would love to see more fans standing up and cheering a loud as they can throughout the entire game. If you can;t handle that then maybe you should go somewhere where you actually are entitled to a clear view 100% of the time...your living room.

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