Dear Big Cat, Hurney, & BAMF...

As the Panthers finish this season it pains me to be looking forward to next season already. It is what it is though. With the end of the season approaching there are three things that I'd love to see from Big Cat, Hurney, and BAMF moving on.

1. Do everything to keep Chud with the Panthers. Everyone sees what he has done in Carolina and he may be in line for a Head Coaching position somewhere else. I hope he stays in Carolina for good. He could be our offensive version of Dick Lebeau from the Steelers. A coordinator that is worthy of higher position but chooses to stay for the love of the team. The Panthers turnaround on offensive is directly tied to him. He has done an amazing job rebuilding our passing game, mentoring our new franchise QB, and even developing our young receiving core while keeping Smitty happy.

2. Keep taking chances on high risk high reward players. I don't necessarily mean drafting projects like AE, but elite talents that must be coached and guided. These risks have worked out for us before and the rookie pay scale lessens the financial burden or taking risks in the draft. I know this sounds contrary to Hurney's style but look at players like:

Shockey (injuries): working out well

Newton (NCAA scandal + icon comments): will be the reason we win a super bowl

Beason (questionable character out of college + brief holdout): heart and soul of our defense

Smitty (keeping him around w/ attitude issues). most explosive player in team history

3. Use free agency wisely. Under Fox/ Hurney regime free agency was either use ineffectively or not at all. This has to change and it looks like BAMF/ Hurney are already understanding that. We have many new faces and have brought in Olsen/ Shockey combo to immediately make a weak position a strength. If they can manage to use free agency this off season as effectively as they did last off season then we have room in the draft to to do different things than drafting needs every pick. We are young and building through the draft I know, but young PROVEN talent is available in free agency!

So what do you all think? What would you have Big Cat, Hurney, & BAMF focus on in the future?

Thanks for your time. Hope you enjoyed the post. This is my 1st. I've been a CSR follower for years but I'm just now getting active with sharing my opinions. follow me on twitter @ugklod

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