Ask Cat Scratch Reader Pt.1

We had such a big response this week that I've split this into two. One this morning, and one this afternoon... so enjoy.

I think we should do some kind of a promotion to try to get some of our players on the pro bowl squad this year. What do you think?

I couldn't agree more. This doesn't need to be a homer effort to get undeserving players on the roster, but there's little denying that Steve Smith, Cam Newton and Charles Johnson all deserve spots in the pro bowl voting. You can vote now at Lets try to get some of our deserving players on the field at Honolulu. 


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What's really wrong with out DT? I see McClain knifing into the back field now but I rarely hear Fua. Is it more a team effort or is it just our rookies not getting the job done? Also if we could redo the draft which DT or players sould we have taken instead of these two in the 3rd round?

Fua has been playing the NT spot, so by nature of his role in the defense he isn't going to be penetrating into the backfield very much. The fact is, while both McClain and Fua have had their moments, overall we're really not seeing much from either one. Part of this is that they're playing together with doesn't give either a veteran to lean on on defense. Lately we've seen guys like Ron Fields and Andre Nebblett rotated in, but overall it's just going to take time with the rookies. 

As for the redo... one name: Jurrell Casey. It was a fairly large misstep to pass on a guy as talented as him and reach a little for Terrell McClain. Thus far Casey has been a beast for the Tennessee Titans, and looks to be one of the steals in the draft. It could have benefited us greatly to have taken him.

I'm currently on a deployment and haven't been able to see any games so my question is this: Back in April the coach's said that Steve Smith would be moved around the offense into different positions creating better opportunities. Has that been done and is this why he has been so productive so far this season?

First off I think I speak for the entire CSR community when I thank you for your service and sacrifice for our nation.

As for Steve Smith, we haven't seen anything really unusual in how Smitty has been used. I think it's a case of 'If it aint broke, don't fix it'. His numbers are mammoth for two main reasons:

1) Cam Newton is willing to throw the ball to Smith when he's covered and rely on him to make a play.

2) Newton has been extremely accurate downfield.

These two factors have created the perfect environment in which Smith can flourish. 

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