NFL draft Flavor Of The Week.. Quinton Coples.

As many of you know it's no secret that I am looking forward to the draft which is upon us in a few short months. With our current record standing at 3-8, no shot at the playoffs and Cam playing lights out and showing he will be our franchise QB for years to come barring some injury, there really isn't much to talk about this season.

For those of you who follow me you know that I have a very very slight tendency to change my opinion on who we should draft to be our next franchise superstar. (ok maybe slight tendency is a bit of an understatement.) So to atleast put some organaziation to my draft madness, I came up with this idea to post once a week my "Flavor of the week." Now keep in mind, the title "Flavor Of The Week' may look like at first glance that I am yet again changing my mind and saying we should draft this person. That is not the goal of this post at all and I am not even saying we should draft these prospects. I feel this will be a lot more beneficial for the CSR community, instead of me changing my stance on who we should draft every other day, I am actually going to make a weekly post titled 'Flavor of the week.' What these weekly posts will contain is a new draft prospect once a week. I will give a breakdown of the prospect's stats, size, speed, character concerns among other things and most importantly why and how he would contribute on this team. So without further adieu I would like to kick of my very first edition of Flavor Of The Week with ::::drum roll::: Quinton Coples.

Now I know the obvious pick to kick off my first edition of FOTW (yep I just did that) would be a superstar like a Justin Blackmon. But I thought it would be nice to kick this off with a prospect I have never mentioned before and some people might not be familiar with. Now to the nitty gritty.

Lately I have been seeing a lot of mock drafts that are mocking UNC star Coples as a top 5 pick and even maybe the number 2 overall pick.

2011 Stats.

51 TOT, 26 Solo, 7.5 sacks, 10 TFL and 1 Forced fumble

Size and Speed.

6-6 285 lbs, 4.76 projected 40 time.

My initial knee jerk reaction to Quinton Coples is we are already set at the DE position with Charles Johnson, Greg Hardy and the recent emergence of Thomas Keiser. But if word on the street is true and Ron Rivera and Sean Mcdermott want to make the switch to a 3-4 defense then Coples would be an ideal fit and could be a big piece to build a solid 3-4 defense around. If we decide to stick with a 4-3 defense, Coples is versatile enough to be equally dominant as a 4-3 end as well. It is no secret that our defense is downright horrid right now and if Coples is truely the elite prospect as some project that he will be, then Coples might be worth a strong look. Keep in mind, the purpose of these posts will be to discuss the pros and cons of each draft prospect, not that I am saying we should or should not draft the prospect I post about that week. So with that said, discuss and enjoy.

The content of these posts are those of the user/fan making the post only

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