Just Another Mock Draft (First Trade Version) by Zack Bowring

I'm here to do my weekly mock draft. Now usually I would not do a trade, but this time for the heck of it, I figured why not. So the trade I came up with is the Panthers 1st rd pick for the Browns 2 1st rd picks of this year. Currently the Panthers would have the 5th overall pick and the Browns would have the 12th and 21st overall picks. I will only do Panthers trade and no other teams. So without further babbling here is my weekly mock draft.

Round 1

1. Indianapolis Colts - Andrew Luck QB Stanford

- It's pretty obvious why I have Luck here and it's because he's best overall player and Peyton's neck is uncertain and he's getting old.

2. St. Louis Rams - Matt Kalil OT USC

- Sure the Rams need a play maker, but unless they want Sam to be sacked more than they want they need a Left Tackle to protect Sam's blindside.

3. Minnesota Vikings - Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma St.

- Pretty simple. Ponder needs weapons to throw to other than Randolph and Harvin. Schiancoe is a free agent and might not come back. The Vikings haven't had a weapon like this since Randy Moss.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars - Quinton Coples DE UNC

- Jaguars need DL help on the end spots badly. Kampman won't be back probably and Roth or Mincey won't get it done either. Coples might be second comping of Peppers.

5. Cleveland Browns (From Carolina) - Matt Barkley QB USC

- Look Colt just isn't getting it done in Cleveland. Plus there have been rumblings that the front office is looking for replacements for Colt McCoy.

6. Miami Dolphins - Robert Griffin III QB Baylor

- Do you really think Matt Moore is the answer?! Ha! He is playing as good as he did with Carolina when Jake went down with an injury a few years ago.

7. Washington Redskins - Landry Jones QB Oklahoma

- Three straight Quarterback's taken in a row? In the words of Steve Urkle, did I do that?!?! Yep I did. Rex Grossman and John Beck are quadruple GARBAGE!!! Jones is the answer here.

8. Arizona Cardinals - Jonathan Martin OT Stanford

- Cardinals need a franchise LT to protect whoever the QB will be next year. Point blank period.

9. Philadelphia Eagles - Luke Kuechly ILB Boston College

- The Eagles really need some linebacker help. By getting Kuechly they could move Jordan to the outside.

10. Kansas City Chiefs - Morris Claiborne CB LSU

- Getting a lock down corner would do the Chiefs some good. Plus Claiborne is best player available.

11. Seattle Seahawks - Trent Richardson RB Alabama

- Marshawn Lynch might not be around next year so getting Trent here would be smart. Plus even if Lynch is back they would have a good tandem at RB.

12. Carolina Panthers (From Cleveland) - Dre Kirkpatrick CB Alabama

- Carolina really needs a CB. Chris Gamble is good, but not a # 1 corner. Just Imagine Dre Kirkpatrick, Chris Gamble, Captain Munnerlyn, Brandon Hogan. WOW!

13. San Diego Chargers - Alshon Jeffery WR South Carolina

- Rivers needs a weapon now more now ever. Gates is not what he used to be. Jackson is on a 1 year contract and it isn't promised he'll be back.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Alfonzo Dennard CB Nebraska

- Tampa is trying to build a defense up to be what it was almost a decade ago. Having a good corner would really help. Barber might retire and Talib is troubled.

15. Buffalo Bills - Courtney Upshaw OLB Alabama

- Bills need a speed rusher. NOW! Upshaw has DeMarcus Ware potential IMO.

16. Tennessee Titans - Riley Reiff OT Iowa

- Titans need OL help at Tackle badly. Johnson is not doing that great this year for lots of reasons. OT is one of them.

17. New York Jets - Brandon Jenkins OLB/DE Florida St.

- Jets really need an OLB to put pressure on the quarterback.

18. New York Giants - David DeCastro G Stanford

- Giants need some OL help to protect Eli.

19. Denver Broncos - Barrett Jones OT Alabama

- Broncos need to protect Tebow or whoever the QB will be next year.

20. Detroit Lions - Zach Brown OLB UNC

- Lions could use a good OLB to help out the DL.

21. Carolina Panthers (From Cleveland through Atlanta) - Devon Still DT Penn St.

- Defensive tackle has been a disaster area for Carolina this year. First Ron Edwards got injured in training camp before he even got to suit up for Carolina. Plus we got two rookie playing DT. Now that's not necessarily the problem. It's just that they aren't playing the run that well. Panthers need run stuffers!

22. Cincinnati Bengals - Chase Minnifield CB Virginia

- Bengals have to get a corner because Nate Clements is on a one year deal, plus I don't trust the other corners besides Leon Hall who recently got hurt and is out for the season.

23. Chicago Bears - Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame

- The Bears haven't really had a "real" number one receiver in forever! I know they need an OL, but seriously.

24. Houston Texans - Alameda Ta'amu NT Washington

- Texans desperately need an NT. All that needs to be said.

25. Cincinnati Bengals (From Oakland) - Whitney Merculis DE/OLB Illinois

- Bet it would be nice for them to get an OLB that doesn't suck. No I don't mean Thomas Howard. I'm looking at you Manny Lawson.

26. Dallas Cowboys - Frank Alexander OLB Oklahoma

- Dallas really wants and needs an OLB opposite of Ware to put even more pressure on the quarterback.

27. Baltimore Ravens - Manti T'eo ILB Notre Dame

- They need a replacement for Lewis. T'eo is perfect for that.

28. San Francisco 49ers - Peter Konz C Wisconsin

- Not really a sexy pick, but it's a need. Goodwin is a stop-gap center.

29. New England Patriots (From New Orleans) - Dwight Jones WR UNC

- Pats need a pocession receiver opposite of Welker who's a slot guy. Jones has very good potential. He reminds of of Muhsin Muhammed.

30. New England Patriots - Janoris Jenkins CB North Alabama

- Yes Janoris had some issues. Pats locker room will straighten him out. Pats also have CB problems.

31. Pittsburgh Steelers - Vontaze Burfict ILB Arizona St.

- Steelers have to get an ILB for the future.

32. Green Bay Packers - Ronnell Lewis OLB Oklahoma

- Packers have to get a OLB opposite of Matthews to put more pressure on the QB.

Round 2

33. Indianapolis Colts - Kelechi Osemele T/G Iowa St.

- Colts need to get somebody to protect the QB

34. St. Louis Rams - Casey Heyward CB Vanderbilt

- The Rams DB's are pathetic.

35. Minnesota Vikings - Jerel Worthy DT Michigan St.

- Minnesota has to get a DT with Kevin WIlliams getting old and Christian Ballard the only promising young guy at the position.

36. Jacksonville Jaguars - Marvin McNutt WR Iowa

- The Jags need a weapon for Blaine Gabbert to utilize.

37. Carolina Panthers - T.J. McDonald S USC

- Sherrod Martin isn't all that special. Carolina needs an upgrade over him.

38. Miami Dolphins - Dwayne Allen TE Clemson

- Fasano might not be back next year. TE is becoming a more important position. Dolphins will be better served to get Dwayne to help out Griffin.

39. Washington Redskins - Stephon Gilmore CB South Carolina

- DeAngelo Hall is over rated. Plus they really don't have a corner that can cover a number one receiver.

40. Philadelphia Eagles (From Arizona) - Mike Brewster C Ohio St

- Eagles have to get an upgrade at center.

41. Philadelphia Eagles - Jayron Hosley CB Virginia Tech

- Asante Samuel will not be back next year. DRC is not the answer opposite Asomugha.

42. Kansas City Chiefs - Josh Chapman NT Alabama

- Kelly Gregg is a stop gap NT. No more needs to be said.

43. Seattle Seahawks - Dont'a Hightower ILB Alabama

- Seattle needs to improve their linebacking core.

44. Cleveland Browns - Mike Adams OT Ohio St.

- Cleveland has to get a RT here. Tony pashos is not too good.

45. San Diego Chargers - Vinny Curry OLB Marshall

- OLB is a huge need because Larry English has been a complete bust.

46. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Lavonte David OLB Nebraska

- Like I said, Tampa wants to make this defense like it was a long time ago.

47. Buffalo Bills - Cordy Glenn G Georgia

- OL depth is needed

48. Tennessee Titans - Travis Lewis OLB Oklahoma

- Will Witherspoon isn't going to last.

49. New York Jets - Kevin Zeitler G Wisconsin

- I don't trust Brandon Moore.

50. New York Giants - Melvin Ingram DE South Carolina

- Osi isn't going to stick around much longer.

51. Denver Broncos - Mark Barron SS Alabama

- Brian Dawkins is pretty old for a SS. He will retire within a couple of years.

52. Detroit Lions - Nate Potter OT Boise St.

- Detroit needs to protect Matthew Stafford if they wanna make they playoffs.

53. Atlanta Falcons - Tanner Hawkinson OT Kansas

- Matt Ryan would appreciate OL depth.

54. Cincinnati Bengals - Chris Polk RB Washington

- Cedric Benson might not be back. Plus the other RB's aren't that good anyways.

55. Chicago Bears - William Vlachos C Alabama

- Center is a position of need, plus they can move Garza back to RG where he belongs.

56. Houston Texans - Ricky Wagner OT Wisconsin

- If they don't want Matt Schaub to get hurt worse this pick needs to happen.

57. New England Patriots (From Oakland) - Robert Lester FS Alabama

- Do I really need to explain?

58. Dallas Cowboys - Ryan Tannehill QB Texas A&M

- QB to groom for a couple of years until Romo screws up so bad that Jerry jones can't take it anymore.

59. Baltimore Ravens - Mohamed Sanu WR Rutgers

Baltimore needs another weapon on offense. Sanu can also return punts.

60. San Francisco 49ers - Ryan Broyles WR Oklahoma

- I know Ryan hurt his knee but she should be fine within a few months enough to impress the scouts. The game tape shouldn't hurt either.

61. New Orleans Saints - Sean Spence OLB Miami(Fl)

- Wouldn't hurt to add a OLB considering who they have.

62. New England Patriots - Brandon Thompson DT Clemson.

- I'm sure he can play the Nose in a 34 and DT in a 43.

63. Pittsburgh Steelers - Levy Adcock OT Oklahoma St.

- They have to get an OT.

64. Green Bay Packers - LaMichael James RB Oregon

- Ryan Grant won't be back next year. Trust me.

Well that's my 2 round mock draft. Hope ya like it!

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