A Look at Players and Where They Fit in Our Draft

I feel like I should preface this with maybe you shouldn't read this if someone else's weekly white washing about the new best player has tired you out of draft talk, because I get it, obsessive draft talk during the season when there are still games to be played gets old. That is why I don't post all the time about the draft, at least here at CSR, but I came here this time just looking at some different ideas. Most have been talked about but I GIVE YOU FAIR WARNING, THERE WILL BE NO BLACKMON. There got that off my chest for now. Also, even though some of the later picks will be the same area, I will try to use mostly different names in each to expand knowledge about prospects, because in reality that is what this is really about.

SCENARIO 1: Carolina picks at #2, stays at 2

1.2 - Matt Kalil - OT - Really there isn't a player at this point who appears worth this pick for us other than Kalil. The fit is just too good to pass up.

2.2 -  Alameda Ta'amu - NT/DT - I am with jkp that Ta'amu could and I think will rise up the boards, but at this point he is looking like he may be around in the 2nd. I expect at least 1 of Ta'amu, Thompson, and Forston to be around when we pick in the 2nd.

4.2 - Vinny Curry - DE/OLB - Very good edge rusher, a tweener in the body, may end up being a solid OLB, especially at this point of the draft, but I feel there may be better options

5.2 - Brian Quick - WR - Figuring I may make quick friends here, Quick is a big target, without the big school exposure. I  think he could develop into a very good target in a couple years for Cam, but not sure he is a future #1

*For the sake of adding more scenarios I think I will only go to the 5th round these*

SCENARIO 2: Carolina picks at #2, trades.

My dream at this point is Cleveland decides Colt McCoy is not the answer (which he isn't) and decides a good QB is what they need to compete (I think it is their biggest problem) and trades us their 2 - 1st round picks so they can jump Miami, Washington, Seattle and the other teams that need QB's and may also be looking to jump up. As their picks are currently 12 and 19, I want to say they send us a 3rd as well, but that may be much so I will put the pick in parenthesis, so you can decide if it is right.

1.12 - Zach Brown - OLB - A common name around here, Brown is an athletic freak, and leads UNC defense, and is a great pass rusher and developing quickly as a coverage man, quick enough he may be able to return punts ;)

1.19 - Alonzo Dennard - CB - Doing a very good job right now and with Claiborne and Kirkpatrick off the board, Dennard is great value and I actually like him more than Kirkpatrick at this point. He did a great job in the Iowa game shutting down one of the better WR's in the nation

2.2 - Dwight Jones - WR - I told you I would be introducing a few different names, which is why I am not going Ta'amu again here, but Jones is having a great season averaging almost 15 yards per catch and is over 1000 yards with 8 TD's this season. Big target at 6'4 225 that I really think is as likely to develop into a true #1 as any WR in the draft.

(3.12) - Ray Ray Armstrong - SS - One of the top safeties on the board, can sometimes look like a star but struggles with inconsistencies at times, but if solved could be a top SS in the league based on potential.

4.2 - Audie Cole - MLB - An OLB converted to MLB, Cole shows great potential to go with his amazing athleticism at MLB, and as his reads keep getting better his play keeps improving.

5.2 - Marcus Forston - DT - Seems to be a classic Hurney pick as he looks to do as he did with The Kraken and pick up a player who spent the season injured, but was previously considered a first round pick. Forston represents this as he is a big 6'3 305 lb DT who also could play NT. Could be the biggest steal of the draft in my mind.

SCENARIO 3: Still picking at 2, Trade

Taking Cleveland out of the equation here, Seattle decides they have to jump both Miami and Washington in order to get a good QB prospect, trade their 1st, 2nd, 3rd. May be a little too much, but based on Washington or Miami wanting to jump each other, the price may be right.

1.9 - Morris Claiborne - CB - A shut down corner, we all saw his ability in that epic LSU-Alabama game, would be a shut-down corner that would be amazing.

2.2 - Brandon Thompson - DT - Not a NT but still a good solid DT that we need greatly, big and athletic has a decent rush as well.

2.9 - Mohammed Sanu - WR - Some of the better hands in the draft, Sanu could be a great slot guy, that may have a chance at developing as a 1, but is a great option with as a 2nd 2nd rounder.

3.9 - Matt Reynolds - OT - Has started a lot of games at LT at BYU, but best suited for RT in the pros most likely as his speed and athleticism is not his best attribute, very good when he can anchor, but may struggle at times due to lack of explosion.

4.2 - Sean Spence - OLB - Not  the biggest guy, some consider him a tweener between OLB and Safety. He is great at getting into the backfield and is a quick heads up players. If you like stats, he is a guy for you. His junior season put him on all the watch lists.

5.2 - Antonio Allen - SS - Some have him rated about Armstrong, Allen has been rising up draft boards as his play this year has been good. Don't know the most about Allen, some SC fans may be able to help me with him more.

SCENARIO 4: Picking in the 4-6 range, no trade

Likely at this point Kalil will be off the board to the Rams or someone else and this won't be the ideal spot for the defensive player we are seeking

1.5 - Morris Claiborne - CB - My 1st time mocking the same guy a 2nd time, this appears to be the front edge of Claiborne's range, while my wish is to trade back I do not argue when someone mocks us with Claiborne

2.5 - Mark Barron - SS - Coming out of Alabama, Barron showed us his pro-readiness in that same LSU-Alabama game, Claiborne proved himself in. While he may not have the highest ceiling, his consistency is something many SS prospects lack this year

4.5 - LaMichael James - RB - This blazing playmaker is still looking for people to determine his best place in the NFL. Because of this, it is likely he falls quite a bit this year and a playmaker like this may be good for the Panthers, as I know quite a few people here like him and his ability.

5.5 - Kheeston Randall - DT - A big boy inside at 6'5 301, Randall is not moved easily and can push the lineman back due to strength at times. Not tremendously disruptive though, he plays the 2 gap better, which is what causes him to slide, but is  good at clogging lanes and shows versatility in different schemes.

SCENARIO 5: Picking 4-6, with trade

Projecting a trade with the team giving up a low 1st and 2nd round pick at this point

1.10 - Devon Still - DT/DE - Still continues to prove himself at Penn State this year and is working his way into mid-1st round discussion. May be a little high for him, but in the spirit of introducing many prospects and the fact that he is very talented and may rise in the combines, I will mock him here.

2.2 - Zebrie Sanders - OT - Sanders represents a high upside tackle, who may be best at RT at the beginning, but has the potential to be very solid as a LT

2.10 - Dont'a Hightower - ILB - Part of that amazing Alabama defense, Hightower is a leader who continues to play well. While he does play in the Alabama 3-4, I am confident he can play in the 4-3 and can be a key contributor whenever we mix in some 3-4 like we see at times this year.

4.2 - Cliff Harris - CB - His lack of time this year, as well as red flags have led to this drop, but if his interviews are good, he could be a big steal in the draft with his potential to lock down receivers and his return ability, which is amazing.

5.2 - Star Lotulelei - DT - Reports out of Utah is that a NFC South scout has been keeping a hard eye on this big man. I cannot ignore them, especially as it is a huge need of ours. If the reports are as good as we have heard, I expect him to move up boards, but at this point he is extremely unknown.

6.2 - Brian Quick - WR - I know I said that I was only going 5 rounds, but I had to slip Quick in here quickly one more time. It is just too easy.

That is all for now, for me, and I ask you to keep in mind the big thing at this point is to explore players, rather than specifically who we should draft, because in reality we can never be sure what will happen. I am sure there are combinations some may like better, but as I said, that is not what this is about.

I would love to hear everyone's thoughts as well. Any suggestions are appreciated.  Oh and I know someone will want to give me crap about two UNC players in one draft, but I feel that I made it even by including a Pack player. Believe me, it hurt.

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