CSR Fantasy League Updates

Megatron = MegaStud

The Fantasy Playoffs are just two weeks away for the nine CSR Leagues.  It's time for League Commissioners and Owners to weigh in on their respective seasons.  Let us hear your raves and your rants, and everything in between.  Who were your draft studs and duds?  How did you do with mid-season roster adjustments?  Essentially, anything you want to share is fair game, including 'smack talk.'

All I ask is that you identify your CSR League in the Comments header.  And if talking about another team, use the owner's CSR name, if you know it.

I'll go first.  As a team owner of CSR1's 'Cam-odo Dragons', I'm hanging on to a two game lead over Jaxon's 'Cardiac Cats' in what can only be described as the AFC/NFC West of Fantasy Leagues.  The Dragons are 5-6, and I'm hoping to wrap up the division with a win this week, but it's going to be close.  And Jaxon got a huge day from Laurent Robinson yesterday, so there's a real chance the Cats could pick up a game on me this week.  If that happens, then our head-to-head matchup next week will be for the division lead and playoff birth. I might be in a tight spot.

The only draft stud I can claim is Megatron, who was my first round target.  My second pick was MegaDud, aka Peyton (Pay Me) Hillis.  I tried to trade him, but there are no patsies in this league, so I dropped him.  By far my best pick-up is Demarco Murray, made possible only because at the time I was fortunately bad enough to be 3rd (IIRC) on the waiver order.

LOL... My Dragons have a huge lead in the number of roster moves at 64, with the next highest at 28; partly because I've been fighting for my life, but mostly because I can't stop tinkering.

I'll leave the rest of the CSR1 overview to Jaxon and the other owners.

Oh, and Charles Edwards, feel free to discuss the scoring-rich, CSR ESPN 'Expendables' League.  I would, but I don't want to jinx my current run.

After the jump, you can read about the state of CSR3...

CSR3 Overview:  It has been a great season for our league, with everyone showing up and giving their all.  Currently, the teams in position for the coveted Bye week are 'BAMF Overlords' (Me) and '4th and 20' (mma_pitbull). Both teams are 8-3 and hold a two game lead in their respective divisions.  The Overlords have the highest point total to date at 1,172, but there are two teams within 13 points (including '4th and 20').

'Manther Assault' (Trip Lamp) is 7-4 and leading the Lost Boys division by 2 games, having scored 1,160 points.

The race in the Brooklyn Decker division is the most interesting.  'Average Joe's' (John Chilton) and 'Mad Bombers' (dstelle711) are knotted at 6-5, with the Joe's holding the advantage in points.  Both teams are locked in tight games this week, leaving the possibility open that the 5-6  'Fighting Llamas' (Llamakid) could pull off an epic run for the title.

The wild card teams, as of now, would be the 'Mad Bombers' and 'Walking Wounded' (JohnnyMac080).  Teams still in contention include the Llamas, 'patton's 3rd army' (mp55214) and Smitty's Pimp Hand (uncle_munnerlyn). On the outside looking in are only three teams: 'Heavy Hitters' (HPFinest), Pickled Emus (Flowing Willow), and Rift Valley Fever (Cheshil).  Keep up the fight guys... be a spoiler.

I'll save my team's studs, duds, etc. for the comments section; but, FWIW, the Overlords have only made 46 roster moves in CSR3 lol, with the next highest at 31... and we're the top 2 seeds at the moment.

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