Looking at the bottom-feeders, and their search for offensive talents leaves Panthers in a good position.

Hey guys, Shockers here. I hope you all are having a great Thanksgiving. I have had a lot of free time the last couple of days, so I've come out of the shadows to share my thoughts on the upcoming draft. Instead of talking about the Panthers today, I wanted to talk about the draft position with some of the teams. Knowing the needs of the other teams may potentially lead us to having a very productive draft next year.

The reason why I wrote this article is not to bring up the argument of  who we should draft, but to raise awareness of our draft position and where everyone else is positioned to draft. To me, there are notable 3 QBs and 2 WRs that will be gone in the first half of the first round: Matt Barkley, Robert Griffin III, Landry Jones, Justin Blackmon, and Alshon Jeffery. With the other losing teams in need of offensive talent, we may be in a great position to make the most out of our first round pick.

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Colts- It's fair to say that they have solidify themselves for the #1 overall pick in the draft. Unless Peyton plays the last couple games of the season to keep the Colts out of the first pick, It's hard to see Colts passing up on Andrew Luck here.

Rams, Browns, Jags, 'Skins, Vikings- These teams are a toss-up. These teams are also the teams that may potentially end up with less wins than the Panthers. 

Rams, despite the disappointing season by Sam Bradford, may look to add a O-lineman to protect their "franchise quarterback". Depending on their position, they may look to go with a wideout to line up with Brandon Lloyd. Blackmon could be their pick if Kalil and Martin are taken depending on their draft position.

Browns are tricky because McCoy was a huge disappointment this season despite the impressive performance during the preseason. Hillis, whether it's the Madden curse or the money curse, has not played the same way even when he was cured from the fatal strep throat disease. Depending on their draft position, may even look to solidify their quarterback position with Barkley, Griffin, and Jones potentially on the board. Could go with a WR like Blackmon or Jeffery here as well, but I do not see them trading up necessarily. They will take whoever is available here IMO.

Jags drafted their "QB of the future" last year, so they may go with a WR or OT here depending on their draft position. Again, I don't see them trading up here unless they are really in love with one of the two wideouts: Blackmon or Jeffery. I have seen the strangest things happen on the draft night, and it may happen if they place lower in the drafting position.

Redskins here will probably go with a quarterback. They are in a good position to grab one of the three quarterbacks here, although Jones may be a reach at this possible draft position. The 'skins will happly take Barkley here IMO.

Vikings may look to go with a star wideout to help their young quarterback develop. It is fair to say, that with AP out with the injury, they will be a good spot to take Blackmon here. Harvin, often a playmaker lacks durability and Ponder could use more weapon here.

I see the Panthers somewhere in between. In addition, there are some teams that are outside looking in such as the Cardinals or the Seahawks that may not want to miss out on the QB sweepstake. We have all seen the Seahawks play, and they are terrible with TJax and worse with Whitehurst. Cardinals took a risk in Kevin Kolb, and are paying a huge price for it.

With these teams looking to solidify an offensive talent on the draft night, I believe that we could simply take the best defensive player in the draft (whoever it may be) and even trade down for additional picks.

On the side note, some of us are worried about winning games (?!) this season. They feel that we are not losing enough games to be in contention. Although I won't take it personally, I hope that we can get it in our heads that winning is a good thing. Let the chips fall on the draft night, but either way, we will be in a great position to grab a very good talent.

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