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Good questions this week Panthers fans! Keep 'em coming to

Why aren't we using more multiple (3, 4 & 5) WR sets? I'm hoping that now that we are on the tail end of the season and trying to evaluate our players we'll see Edwards & Pilares on the field i some of these sets (or gimmick plays, both players have backgrounds at other positions)

Is it possible that we aren't using more multiple WR sets because Cam isn't ready for it? It seems to me like Cam usually goes through 2 or 3 reads at most a play. He's doing great but scanning the field (like Rodgers, Brady & Brees do) without locking on to receivers seems like something our rookie could use a little bit of work on.

In a way we already run a 4-wide set for much of the season, in our version we substitute a 3rd and 4th receiver for Jeremy Shockey and Greg Olsen. The reason for this is fairly simple: They're more reliable than Edwards or Pilares in the passing game and give the added benefit of protecting Newton.

Newton is making his progression and going through his reads, but he still needs work looking off the safety and using his peripheral vision to keep an eye on linebackers who are lurking in coverage. This is just a natural part of the development process, but I haven't seen everything that looks to me like a lack of confidence in his abilities from a coaching standpoint.

Should the panthers use Captain as a safety on running downs because Sherrod tackling looks like peewee football? Captain has showed the skills to tackle even causing a fumble. Sherrod can cover but is lacking in other departments. Also what happened to Pugh? General question whats up with the secondary other than Gamble and Godfrey?

The problem with using Munnerlyn that was is that he doesn't have the top end speed to drop back in play action situations. Furthermore by playing him at safety you're asking him to cover and deal with more tight ends, which isn't his forte. Captain is destined to be the perfect nickel back in this defense and do it brilliantly for years to come.

Jordan Pugh is a fringe player right now from time to time, but I don't think he really plays a role long term on this team.

The secondary is pretty abysmal right now with the exception of Gamble. Munnerlyn isn't in his best position, Martin and Godfrey are playing poorly and that has caused a pretty bad situation. Long term perhaps Hogan steps in, but we need to address the secondary through the draft for sure.

Lately Cam has been looking mortal, compared to the stats he was putting up earlier this year. Do you think he's hitting the rookie wall now? I'm guessing he hasn't taken much time off since before the last year of college.

I think something can be said for that for sure. Around this time the college season is winding down and they've played a few cupcakes by now to make the season easier. Ultimately though I think it's just part of the natural rookie progression, he'll have bad games this season... just so happens they came back to back.

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