Proposed Panthers Mock

As it is now I am not happy with where the Panthers look to sit in the draft if they were to draft straight. They aren't high enough likely to get in position to get Kalil, who would be amazing. They also aren't low enough that a player like Thompson would be worth the pick (at this point). In this draft I will propose a trade down, actually two, to help set up the Panthers better. Also I used a value chart so I am not just pulling these picks out.

5th-6th pick - Trade Down with Seattle (10th) for Seattle's 1st and 2nd round pick, 5th. (Maybe a 2013 pick) - Could be more (Atlanta-Cleveland Trade) but that trade was a huge reach

10th pick - Trade Down again to 15 for Philly 1st and 3rd

The teams may change but people most likely will want to move up for one of the QB's or maybe one of the WR's and the 10 range is usually a normal trade area as well.

1) Zach Brown - OLB - UNC - With athleticism to the max, helps the Panther LB situation as who knows if Thomas Davis will ever be back

2) Alamedu Ta'amu - DT/NT - Washington - One of my favorite prospects, but he seems to be falling on boards, most likely I expect him to be gone here though. Jared Crick is a possibility if he is as is Still or Forston later in the draft.

2) Dwight Jones - WR - UNC - Big target who I think could turn into a very good NFL WR. A lot of talk has been given to using a pick on Jeffrey or Blackmon, but I think Jones is much better value with as much chance to succeed.

3) Cliff Harris - CB - Oregon - Only reason he falls this far is the character issues and suspensions. A lot of people have the Panthers taking a CB very high but the early reports on Hogan is very very good and he could allow Cap't to move back to Nickel where he is very very good. Harris provides more depth as well as great return skills and potentially a top cover corner.

4) Audie Cole - ILB - NC State - More depth at LB who has the athleticism to develop into more as he still is transitioning from OLB and as an ILB has a lot of athleticism to get around and make plays with. Would be great for Special Teams as well.

5) Vaughn Telemaque - FS - Miami - Continuing the theme of shoring up the defense, Telemaque provides depth as a solid overall player who could develop more but provides good special teams help

5) Cam Johnson - DE/OLB - Virginia - Great burst off the end, has been hurt on and off all year, could be another Hardy but also could line up in the 3-4 outside

6) Jemarcus Hardrick - OT - Nebraska - A big OT to help with Otah's absence if Bell does not work.

7) Chris Rainy - RB/WR - Florida - a speedy player who makes plays you hope he can be a change of pace to Double Trouble as Goodson seems to be losing his place.

Overall I think this draft would benefit us greatly. You get a game changing OLB, a DT/NT who could be an All-Pro Caliber player, as well as a WR and CB who could be too. Others who could develop into solid starters and good backups at positions that need the depth.

What do you think of this draft?

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