My first official 2012 NFL mock draft. (Top 10 picks).

We are currently at the halfway mark of this season, so I am now releasing my first official top 10 2012 NFL mock draft. I'm only doing a top 10 for a few reasons. 1. Laziness, so far I am only aware of 10 or so top talents that are expected to delcare for the 2012 NFL draft. 2. Its really easy at this point to predict which teams will be picking in the top 10 and 3. Lets be honest, does anyone really care about picks outside of the top 10 unless ofcourse it's your team.

Now keep in mind, these are my predictions. Not players that I personally think are ranked higher than the other. This is just my prediction on how I think the top 10 picks in the 2012 NFL draft will pan out. Without further adieu, lets get started shall we..

1.Indianoplis Colts- Andrew Luck QB. I am completly sold that both the Dolphins and Colts are battling each other for the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. For some reason I just see the Colts winning the sweepstakes. Neck injuries are a totally different animal than say an injured leg, thigh, groin, ankle etc. Peyton Manning could very well decide to retire if his neck issue is serious. So why risk passing up on the best QB prospect since... well since Peyton Manning himself (or so the experts tell me every waking second of the day on ESPN).

2.Miami Dolphins- Landry Jones. This draft is a very solid draft for QBs. With no big name QBs set to be free agents in 2012, Miami has no choice but to draft a QB in the 1st round of this draft. Matt Moore is not even close to being a NFL caliber QB, fans are tired of Chad Henne and I think Miami will be very content with Landry Jones. Poor Matt Moore, 2nd year in a row he will be on a team that will very possibly have the 1st pick in the draft or atleast the 2nd pick in the draft. Guy can't catch a break.

3. St Louis Rams- Justin Blackmon. I almost want to take the Rams out of the 3rd pick after their convincing win over the Saints on Sunday but im still not sold they will win many other games this season. Rams are dyin for a solid offensive weapon at WR to put around Bradford and who better than Blackmon? He had a monster year in 2010 and having a very solid year this year. While the Rams could use a Matt Kalil, they have been wanting a stud WR for Bradford for quite a while now and they will just have to take Blackmon.

4.Denver Broncos- Matt Barkley, QB. Ahh yes. Tim Tebow, Kyle Orton and John Fox. The QB story line in Denver is so melodramatic right now, word on the street is Vince Mcmahon is trying to talk John Elway into having a triple threat PPV match between Quinn,Orton and Tim Tebow for the starting QB role (kidding ofcourse.) Its clear Tim Tebow can't play on the NFL level, fans will be calling for the head of John Fox if he re started Kyle Orton and well Brady Quinn, need I say more? Frankly, Denver has no choice but to take Barkley and hit the reset button.

5. Carolina Panthers- Matt Kalil, OT. Now remember, I said this mock draft is my PREDICTION, not what I want to happen. If it was up to me, I would take a stud defensive player or Blackmon. I see us going 4-12 this season with the 2 next wins coming against the Titans and Colts for a 4-12 season. With the defensive class in this draft lacking greatly, Jeff Otah staying injured, Matt Kalil considered probably the top 3 best player in this draft if not the 2nd best player. I see this as a no brainer for Hurney. High character guy, brother of pro bowler Ryan Kalil (which as we all know is also a Carolina Panther), a great pick but not a flashy "hey look at me" type pick. This has a Carolina Panthers type draft pick written all over it. Draft Kalil, sign a stud WR free agent like Bowe or Vjax, and we will have the best offense in the league come next season. Despite Kalil being a top 3 player, i dont see him going top 3 in the draft. The top 3 teams listed above just have way more needs to fill so I can easily see Kail falling to us at number 5.

6. Jacksonville Jaguars- Alshon Jeffery, WR. I know what you're thinking. How could I have the Jaguars winning more games than us.. Simple. They have already upset a playoff team and in prime time nonetheless.. Baltimore Ravens. Until we can do that, I am sticking to my prediction of us going 4-12. Much like the Rams, the Jags are itching for a solid WR. Look for them to supply Gabbert with a solid weapon at WR and a potential franchise WR in Alshon Jeffery.

7. Arizona Cardinals- Dre Kirkpatrick, CB. I can honestly see the Cardinals having the 3rd pick in the draft instead of the Rams. Right now, both are equally bad and playing similar I think deep down the Cardinals are just a better team than the Rams right now. After the Cromartie trade, they could use a big upgrade at CB. Dre K is a no brainer for the Cardinals.

8.- Seattle Seahawks- Jerel Worthy, DT. I don't really pay attention to the Seahwaks or watch any of their games, but Jerel Worthy is a very solid talent at DT and rated the top DT in the draft by a lot of analysts. Seattle could use help everywhere and with all the stud QBs gone, I see them pulling the trigger on Jerel Worthy.

9.- Washington Redskins- Courtney Upshaw, OLB. I think I need my head examined thinking the Skins will win enough games in their current state to get the 9th pick in the draft, but I say they get the 9th pick anyway. Much like the Seahawks situation, all the stud QBs are gone. Courtney Upshaw is probably one of the best prospects in this draft and quite frankly I would love if we could take him. Kid plays for the number 1 ranked defense in all of college football, his stats from both last year and this year are great. He has the versatility, size, speed and strength to play in the NFL. I see the Skins beefing up their solid defense even more with this addition.

10. Cleveland Browns- Michael Floyd, WR. The Browns are another team I really don't follow or keep up with. But they just strike me as a team that could use some help at WR and what better way than to add the 3rd best WR of this draft class in Michael Floyd.

So there you have it folks. My 1st official top 10 2012 NFL mock draft. I'm sure this will continue to change in the months leading up to the draft and as always, discuss below..

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