Give Me Cam!!!



This will be my very first thread opened up on CSR and it may be a little of a laugher, so don't blow my head off.

I've put together quite a few threads over on the Charlotte Bobcats site and have visited this site dozens of times in the past, but always found that there was already a ton of information and articles here so I didn't feel the need to add more with some of my Charlotte famous senseless ramble.


But, I figured I'd kill a little time today and post one..............


The Panthers have fallen to 2-6 after last week's letdown against the Vikings. It was another close game lost. Like all of our other close losses this year (they all have been pretty much), I left the game disappointed but still extremely optimistic about the team's future due to the continued excellent season of our rookie QB Cam Newton. I swear, it seems like the man works miracles to keep us in the game. He's a rookie. A baby in my eyes. He's 22 and I'm 26. I would've been beasting him on the playground when we were little. And like Jared Allen recently said, he's got a long way to go. That actually even makes me happier to know that he hasn't come close to realizing his full potential yet. Anyway, before Mare's missed kick last Sunday, Cam made a crucial 4th down throw to keep alive the drive and set us up to tie the game.

I was watching the game with a couple of friends and that play instantly threw us all into a frenzy. Had us celebrating like we had won the game on the last play or something. It brought back the feeling that Jake Delhomme gave to me in his first real action as a Panther with a game winning throw to Ricky Prohel. And it also gave me and one of my friend's room to say the same thing that we had half jokingly said on the game's first drive when Cam scrambled for a big gain............"Cam Newton is the greatest player ever".

Now, keep in mind, we were joking when we said it. But as the game went on and Cam continued to make play after play, we kept saying the same thing as if it were true. While I felt in my heart that I was just being a super homer by making such a statement, the 4th down conversion sent my friend into a rant that made me re-evaluate just how much I was joking.........or not.  His exact words were, and I quote...........

"Cam Newton is the greatest. I don't care what anyone says. I wouldn't trade Cam for Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers right now."

I jumped in with "I wouldn't trade him for anybody in the NFL right now".

He came back with "I wouldn't trade him for anybody in the history of the league."

My other friends at that point said that he was getting out of hand by making that statement. He retorted with "What? Why is that so crazy? Joe Montana in his prime vs Cam. Give me Cam. Barry Sanders in his prime. Give me Cam. Peyton Manning in his prime. Give me Cam. Reggie White in his prime. Give me Cam. Deion Sanders in his prime, give me Cam. It doesn't matter."

After taking a step back and listening to his words again, I found out that in my heart, I actually agreed. And as silly as it sounds, I do believe that Cam has a very strong chance of ending up as the greatest player to EVER play the game. Now I know this isn't your average rinky dink football site. There are some serious NFL enthusiast on this site who have a very deep knowledge of the game and it's history. The big dog's James and Jaxon have turned this site into probably the most well known Panther sites on the network. Therefore, I know that such a statement opens me up to great ridicule. But real talk. Who would you rather have over Cam Newton in the history of the game? I can't think of any actually. No matter who you bring up, I'm more than likely going to tell you, Give Me Cam!

You may now begin the bashing............

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