Former Panther DT Kris Jenkins Dishes on Career, Panthers

Kris Jenkins has retired now and in broadcasting apparently. I'm hopeful we can hear him announce a Panther game sometime or at least have a guest appearance. That would be interesting I bet. He has published a lengthy piece on his career you can read here.

I was expecting Jenkins to be hard on the Panthers in this extended piece and though he doesn't get into any detail he does give you a favor of what his problems were and why he left. He talks about pain of playing, the injuries and the fact he has no regrets to this day. He then goes into this timeline of 'warnings' a player gets as they transition from college to the Pros. He seems to be suggesting that the warning is basically, "we are trying to control you" type of innuendo. 

With regard to his exit in Carolina, here is what he had to say about John Fox:

I went through so much in Carolina, it was ridiculous. People checking up on us in clubs. Concerns with the locker room. John Fox was our coach. He was a big cliché guy. He'd say, do as I say, not as I do.

That didn't make sense to me.

That sure sounds like his issue was with Fox and not the Panther front office. I'm surprised that Jenkins viewed Fox as having a double standard but then again, as I think about it, it is what it is. He dishes on Roger Goodell and his current use of eastern medicine to heal...after the jump...

Jenkins is easily the biggest man I have seen up close. His thighs, waist and upper body were absolutely massive but you could tell is was not fat (well maybe a little). To hear him talk about the constant pain he played through and say the biggest hit he ever took was from RB Edgerrin James is amazing.

But one Panther did impress Jenkins:

I saw [the former Panthers linebacker] Dan Morgan go through the head injuries. If anybody I played with hit harder than me, it was Morgan. That man was a monster.

Unfortunately, he paid the price.

Here's what Jenkins has to say about Goddell and his attempts at reducing injuries:

What you hear from guys like Ray Lewis, James Harrison, what they're saying is we're well aware what we're signing up for. The violence, we love it. The madness, we love it. We love measuring ourselves in it.

Those guys express themselves with their pads. You soften the game, you're taking away their freedom of expression. Nobody wants to see flag football, and now, you might as well give guys flags, tell them to hug afterward, all that.

Jenkins finishes talking more about the toll of the game on a lineman's body and how he wants to open a camp for big men to prepare them for the NFL.

The first thing I did when I retired was I went to a health store. I believe in Eastern medicine. I literally bought a whole bunch of roots. My life is too important. My family is too important.

I want to get into public speaking, maybe put together a camp, for big guys, linemen in particular. Nobody prepares linemen for what will happen. Someone should.

So he wants teams to have an acupuncturist on staff? Eastern roots in the locker room? Post game eye of newt tea? Yeah that's why the Panthers are having so many injuries, they aren't using acupuncture and healing potions. Too funny.

Overall it's a decent piece but I was hoping for a little more insight on his time in Carolina. I wonder if had a good time at any point? I wonder what his relationship was with Julius Peppers. Did he tell Peppers to leave too? I realize that is all water under the bridge but I'm just wondering what his perspective was. 

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