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Do you think that with Cam Newton and a rejuvenated fan-base, have we become a landing spot for free agents. I think that some guys like Dwayne Bowe could look forward to catch passes from Cam Newton. If we could sign a guy like Bowe, would you suggest that we spend all but one of our draft picks on Defense?

Ultimately money is the main reason teams are able to attract free agents, followed by winning and finally being able to play with a certain player. That being said the way players seem to be talking and commenting about Cam it's undeniable that his infectious desire to win will attract players. I too would love to see Dwayne Bowe on the Panthers, but I'm not sure Cam Newton would be enough to bring him here, JR needs to bring the benjamins to the table. 

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What will the QB depth look like in 2012?

Does Armanti Edwards provide a 3rd QB option on game days now?

My guess for 2012 is that we will resign Derek Anderson for cheap unless there's a QB they like who falls in the draft and we take a 6th or 7th rounder to bolster the group. For now Armanti is serving as the 3rd emergency QB, but I don't expect that to last very long.

after yesterday's game. Give us something to be excited about. Scenario: You're the Panthers GM, you're drafting at #6. Blackmon, Kalil and Jeffrey are gone (other 2 picks were Luck & Barkley). You taking a player or trying to trade back? Also, what's the deal with Martin? Has his play been as bad as it has looked to me? How long do we chalk this up to a lack of OTA's & a new, slightly complex defensive system?

In that scenario I'm definitely trying to trade back. The scenario you've outlined is basically a nightmare scenario, but it could prove beneficial in the long term just as trading back and getting Beason and Kalil was for us a few years ago. If I'm moving back then I want to go back no further than the 12th pick and I'm looking at Brandon Thompson DT from Clemson, or one of the top corners available like Morris Claibourne or Dre Kirkpatrick.

Sherrod Martin has been terrible this season, and I honestly have no answer for it. He was one of the few bright spots in 2010, but has regressed greatly this season.

Never met Coach Rivera but even on TV the man looks and speaks with unquestionable authority. I couldn't imagine being a player and blowing assignments or getting flagged for dumb penalties with Rivera as coach. Yes I know rookies and back-ups do have plenty to do with it, but still the team seems generally undisciplined at key times. Is his coaching style too laid back like his recent mentor Norv Turner when maybe it should be more like his other tough guy mentor Mike Ditka with this mix of guys?

I think coach Rivera is being appropriately hard on guys who lose control, but young players tend to do that and will keep doing in. Getting them in step is just part of the process and it takes time. I really don't see him as the Norv Turner type, but I don't think he's the second coming of Ditka; his personality just isn't suited to being that emotional on the sidelines. He's a very honest, very candid coach with a distinct tough edge to him, when it's all said and done I think he could be a Tom Coughlin type guy for us. 

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