Loss to Titans creates options

After a dreadful loss to the Titans we now have a new perspective on how our 2012 draft could look. If the season ended today we could be drafting as low as 2nd. Now I'm not the type of person to tank a season for a draft pick so I really hope we finish strong, but while we are here we might as well observe our options.

Lets say we assume the the Colts take Andrew Luck with the 1st overall pick. That leaves us with a lot of options. This game showed us that our offensive line is far from perfect, That leads most people to clamor for the highly talented brother Matt Kalil. Which is a good choice. With the 2nd pick we could also demand a pretty penny in a trade. Now I know that everyone wants to trade down and it doesn't happen often but we would have a good shot. Several teams are in need of a QB and this year has 3 "Elite" QB prospects so we would have a realistic shot at making a deal. If we could make a deal then I'm all for it. If we could trade back a few spots to get the teams 2012 1st, 2012 2nd, and 2012 3rd then I say make the deal. Here I'm going to make 2 best case scenarios (May or may not be likely to happen and are my opinion of what we should do) one with the trade and one without.


No trade with 2nd and 34th picks:

1st round (2nd overall) Matt Kalil OT

2nd round (34th overall) Dontari Poe DT

I know these aren't sexy picks but our trenches could use some work. Kalil is the best player available and we have a weakness on the right side of the O-Line. Every one knows how bad our DTs are and we need size in the middle. Rivera has said that he wants a big space eating DT that can push the O-Line back and Poe at 350 has the size and strength to do that.


Trade with 7th, 34th, 39th, and 71st picks:

1st round (7th overall) Justin Blackmon WR

2nd round (34th overall) Dontari Poe DT

2nd round (39th overall) Jared Crick DT/DE

3rd round (71st overall) Cliff Harris CB

Here Blackmon is the BPA and would be a great compliment to Steve Smith while being another playmaker for Cam. Crick is a top 15 talent that will slip to the 2nd due to injury. He has the size and athleticism to play DE or DT and would find plenty of time in rotation. Cliff Harris is a 1st round talent who will fall due to size and off field issues. I think he is more than worth the gamble. He is light but has decent height (5'11) and great athleticism. He has play making skills that will help us great trun overs and be explosive in the return game.


These are the 2 routes I would take given the circumstance, I'm interested to what your thoughts are.


Here is a list of my top 10 draft board:

1- Matt Kalil OT

2- Justin Blackmon WR

3- Zach Brown OLB

4- Brandon Thompson DT

5- Morris Claiborne CB

6- Alshon Jeffery WR

7- Johnathan Martin OT

8- David DeCastro OG

9- Dre Kirkpatrick CB

10- Quinton Coples  DE

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