Panthers Week 5 Stock Watch

First year Panthers head coach Ron Rivera has not been tentative in his quest to improve every single one of his 53 roster spots. After a trend of special teams gaffs he made a statement move by releasing S Sean Considine and replacing him with a rookie 5th round draft pick cut by St. Louis.You could say his stock crashed. DE George Selvie would soon join Considine in the ranks of the unemployed. So are there other Panthers who's stock is falling? What about those on the rise?

Stock Falling

DT Andre Neblett

With the arrival of free agent DT Ron Fields Neblett found himself inactive against the Bears. Given the Panthers run defense seemed to perform better between the tackles against the Bears Neblett might stay on the pine.

WR Legadu Naanee

When asked about Naanee recently Rivera seemed to give him a vote of confidence.  Given his recent candid commentary regarding player performance I have to take him at his word. I don't share his sentiment at the moment after Naanee only brought down 4 of 11 targets this past Sunday. So to say his stock is falling is only my speculation as 4 for 11 is hard to ignore.

KR Mike Goodson

Goodson is a prime example of Rivera being candid about a player's performance. As James stated on Cat Scratch Radio last night, Goodson was not replaced by S Jordan Pugh on kick returns late in the Bears game because of bruised ribs. Rivera ccandidly stated 'he was looking for a spark' in the return game. Goodson was guilty of being tentative on kick returns his rookie year but then took a step up his 2nd year. It would seem now he has stepped back.

We've got players whose stock is rising ...after the jump...

Stock Rising

QB Cam Newton

Though Newton's stock might seem maxed out for Panther fans his stock continues to rise across the entire football landscape. In fact per Rivera his stock is now setting the standard for the rest of the team.

CB Darius Butler

In his first start as a Panther replacing the injured Chris Gamble, Butler flashed the speed and athleticism that got him drafted in the 2nd round in 2009. He also made a picture-perfect tackle on Bears RB Matt Forte that Butler himself found twitter-profile pic worthy. If only he had made a handful more tackles on Forte...Regardless, this guys stock is on the rise in the Panther secondary as he assumes the nickel back spot upon Gamble's expected return.

T Byron Bell

Bell not only filled in well for RT Jeff Otah while Otah was out with a concussion but now that Otah is back Bell continues to rotate into the line-up. It might be due to Otah's mild back strain but I'm sure it also has to do with Bell playing beyond his years.

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