5 Changes the Panthers Should Make During the Bye Week



There, I feel better.  Now, to the task at hand:  What can be done during the bye week to improve our performance for the remainder of 2011??


1.  Either involve Armanti Edwards in the offense, or cut him.  He is not an asset to our team as a Punt Returner.  We are 8 games in and AE hasn't had more than a few returns of 10 yards or more.  He ranks near the bottom of the league in Punt Returns.  If he's not good enough to beat out Legedu Naanee for some playing time at WR, and not capable of running a pass/run option in the Mountaineer/Wildcat (just where did that package of 10 plays disappear to anyway?), then he has no value to our team.  Cut him.

2.  Insert Captain Munnerlyn as Punt Returner.  He has proved himself in the past by averaging 10 yards per return on punts, and breaking some PR's for the occasional big play with some tough-nosed, inspired efforts.  He is young enough to handle the load of CB and PR.  He is our best Punt Returner.  Play him.

3.  Reinsert Mike Goodson as Kick Returner, and get him some reps on third down.  Goody is a decent Kick Returner, and can occasionally break a long return.  Our current kickoff returner, Kealoha Pilares, has given us nothing.  He has been given several chances and had no returns past the 30 yard line.  Goodson is better.  Goody is also our best option as a 3rd down receiving threat out of the backfield.  Give him some stickum and get Mike Goodson out of a Tshirt and into a uni on Sundays.  On the field.  In the game.  He's too good to continue to stay in the coach's doghouse for this long.

4. Our current personnel is inadequate in defending the run.  Create a roster spot by cutting Edwards (or a #3 QB who will never play another down for this team) and sign someone, anyone, a tackle or a linebacker, who can improve our rushing defense.  There has to be someone out there who could specialize in that one thing.

5.  Trade our current no-show fans along with their cousin no-noise fans for some fans that will 1) Show Up and 2) Speak Up at the rest of our home games this year.


Honorable Mention:  We are consistently getting outcoached in the second half of games this year.  In today's game, the Vikings shut our offense down the last quarter and a half of the game, while the Vikings offense got better and better as the second half progressed.  We are getting out-gameplanned in the second half, this needs to improve.


As Neil would say, that's my two cents.


  Agree?  Disagree?  What changes do YOU think the Panthers should make to improve our performance the second half of the 2011 season?

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