CSR Faithful, It's Time to Take Responsibility for Home Field Advantage: Man Up!

First, let me get right to the point:  Our Home Field Advantage needs some work.  To summarize, we need to be LOUDER, LOUDER, AND LOUDER.  And there's something YOU can do about it.

1.  My story.  I attended the week 3 win over the Jaguars.  I started the game sitting in the sunny nosebleeds of section 546.  Good fans up there.  Some Jaguars fans were sitting behind me.  When they asked me if I was going to stand up the whole game (on 3rd downs), I replied "Oh yeah."  Fast forward to second quarter.  Monsoon hits, fans scurry, and next thing you know, I'm in section 542 on the 40 yard line in Row 4.  As the "fans" of lower 542 trickle back in the third quarter, it soon becomes obvious I have found myself in a wine and cheese section of the stadium.  No cheering, no standing, no noise, no nothing.  Well, I'm there going crazy.  There's no way I'm going to be denied seeing SuperCam's inaugural regular season victory!  Long story short:  At my coaxing, waving of the arms, and screaming "ON YOUR FEET," by the end of the game I had my whole section cheering, standing, and being LOUD.


2.  My point.  I'm going to my second game of the year tomorrow.  I will be in 547, close to the top.  I am taking responsibility for my section to be LOUD during the game.  Despite their 1-6 record, the Vikings have more talent than that, and this game is not a gimme.  Our Carolina Panthers are going to need a LOUD home crowd, especially when our defense is on the field, to inspire them to make some big plays and get off the field on third downs.


3.  Your response.  Here's what you need to do if you are attending Sunday's game vs. Minnesota. 

First, take responsibility for your section.  Make a public profession of being The Guy/Girl who will get your section to be as LOUD as it needs to be to motivate our Panthers to a W.

Next, understand how it works.  Don't be loud when our offense is getting ready to run a play; they need relative quiet to be able to communicate freely.  (Then when we get a first down, stand to your feet and yell for a Panther FIRST DOWN!!)  DO be LOUD when our defense is on the field, especially on third downs.  In the 4th quarter when the game is on the line, every down is LOUD down.  Get on your feet, yell like crazy, and pound those chairs for maximum volume.

If you're up high in your section, your section can't see you, so you need to yell at the top of your lungs ON YOUR FEET, ON YOUR FEET!!  If you're down low in your section, turn around and motion with your arms upward, signifying COME ON YOU PANSIES, GET ON YOUR FEET!!  If you're in the middle of your section, do both!


Our end zone fans are great.  Our nosebleed fans are great.  But we need MORE.  We need MORE LOUD fans at B of A Stadium, this Sunday, and every Sunday!  If a Super Bowl run is in our future, it's not only our players that have to learn how to win, it's also the fans!


So let's hear it.  First, what other ideas do you have to give our Panthers maximum Home Field Advantage?  Second, and most importantly, in which section will YOU be sitting on Sunday, and will you take the pledge to be responsible to get that section LOUD?!!!


It's time to take responsibility for maximizing our Home Field Advantage Panthers fans!!  MAN UP!!!

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