Sir Pour's Brew for the Game- Carolina Panthers Vs. Minnesota Vikings

Sir Pour

Despite fighting a nasty cold and losing my voice earlier this week I will not be denied a good beer on football Sunday. This week's brew will likely be one that I always pick up right before Halloween. It's an absolutely wonderful brew that's perfect for the season.

So, without further ado our brew of the week.

Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale



The Brewery: Weyerbacher Brewing Company of Easton, PA was started by a husband and wife team in 1995. Though they at first tinkered with more pedestrian beer styles, they quickly realized that they wanted to specialize in more robust and experimental beer combinations. Starting with their Raspberry Imperial Stout they began a tradition of big flavors blended with hoppy Imperial style ales. Today they distribute in 18 different states.

The Brew: I've definitely taken the critiques to heart that I've been very 'Imperial heavy' in 2011, but it's for good reason. Simply put, this is the year for Imperials- all the best brews are having exceptional years in the style and this year's Weyerbacher is no different. For this time of year, and this season I swear there is nothing better, this is the beer equivalent of a mulled cider. As you can tell from the picture it pours a deep rust color and smells strongly of pumpkin, cloves, cinnamon and other spices. Sometimes a brew's nose and taste don't align- but not this one. You are hit up front with a big clove/cinnamon taste followed up by sweet pumpkin and finishing with the bitter hops and a bite of the alcohol on the finish. I find it to be an extremely complex and delicious brew. Both because of the flavor and high alcohol content (8.0% ABV) it's one to be had in small doses... you probably wont want to drink three or four of these during the game.

How it relates to the game: While this is probably more seasonal that game related something can be said for the intriguing and complex nature of this brew. Much like the complexity of the Carolina Panthers we're starting to see the team grow an become mature before out eyes, and this brew is one that will grow on you too.


Price Point: $4-$6 per pint bottle

Where to find: Weyerbacher can be found in upmarket grocery stores than have an extensive craft beer selection as well as dedicated wine and beer stores like 'Total Wine'.



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