Key Stats For Panthers vs Vikings Game has some great stats about this weeks game with the Vikings, and here are some of their key stats.

Panthers Pass Blocking vs Vikings Pass Rush:

LOT Jordan Gross is PFF's top rated OT at +9.3, but is 9th in pass blocking, allowing 18 QB pressures.

ROT Byron Bell has allowed 2 sacks, 2 QB hits, and 9 QB pressures, in 247 snaps (half the snaps of Gross).

QB Cam Newton has been either sacked (14) or hit 36 times.

Vikings RDE (going against Gross) Jared Allen plays 93.1% of snaps, having a league leading 11.5 sacks, along with 21 QB hurries/hits, with 10 sacks in the last 5 games.

Vikings LDE (going against Bell) Brian Robinson plays 86.2% of snaps, having 4.5 sacks, along with 26 QB pressures.

Vikings backup DE Everson Griffin has 3 sacks, but only 3 tackles.

Vikings DE's have 19 of the teams 21 total sacks.

QB Stats:

19% of Cam Newton's passes are for 20+ yards, 2nd in the NFL behind Eli Manning's 19.4%, but he leads in yardage with 729 yards on passes of 20+ yards.

Vikings QB Christian Ponder has been pressured 18 times, resulting in only 3 completions, and 2 sacks.

Run Defense:

DT Terrell McClain is PFF's lowest rated DT in the NFL against the run (-10.4), with only 4 tackles, but 8 QB disruptions.

Key Stats From's Team Stats:

Panthers Offense:

1st in Passes of 20+ Yards - 35

5th in Total Offense - 416.6 yards, and 6.4 Yards Per Play

5th in YPC - 4.8 YPC

8th in Rushing - 128.1 Yards Per Game

14th in Points Scored - 23.7 Points Per Game

15th in Scaks Allowed - 14 Sacks

16th in QB Rating - 82.8

18th in Completion Percentage - 60.3%

Panthers Defense:

12th Against the Pass - 225.0 Yards Passing Allowed Per Game

17th in Total Defense - 358.4 Total Yards Allowed Per Game

23rd in Completion Percentage Allowed - 63.3%

24th in Sacks - 12

26th in YPC - 4.7 YPC Allowed

27th in Average Yards Per Play - 6.1

29th in Opponents QB Rating Allowed - 96.3

29th Against the Run - 133.4 Yards Per Game

30th in Yards Per Pass Allowed - 8.3 Yards

30th in Points Allowed - 26.1 Points

Though the Panthers are allowing 2.4 Points Per Game than they score, they are gaining 58.4 more yards per game.

Vikings Offense:

2nd in YPC - 5.4 YPC

3rd in Rushing - 153.0 Yards Rushing Per Game.

15th in Yards Per Play - 5.5 Yards

20th in Points Scored - 21.1 Points Scored Per Game

21st in Total Offense - 328.6 Yards Allowed Per Game

23rd in QB Rating - 77.8

24th in Completion Percentage - 56.3%

28th in Sacks Allowed - 21

29th in Passing - 175.6 Passing Yards Allowed Per Game

Vikings Defense:

1st in Sacks - 21

4th in Rushing - 87.9 Rushing Yards Allowed Per Game

5th YPC Allowed - 3.6 YPC

19th in Total Defense - 362.7 Total Yards Allowed Per Game

24th Passing Yards Allowed Per Play - 7.9

26th in Yards Allowed Per Play - 5.6

27th in Points Allowed - 25.4 Points

28th in QB Rating Allowed - 94.2

29th in Passing Yardage Allowed Per Game - 274.9 Yards

30th in Completion Percentage Allowed - 65.8%

The Keys to the Game:

The Vikings have the 3rd best rushing attack, and the Panthers are 29th against the run.

The Panthers are 5th in Total Offense, and 5th in passing, while the Vikings are 29th against the pass.

So it looks like for both teams it's their strength against the other teams weakness. The only strength on strength match up is the Panthers running game (8th, 5th in YPC at 4.8) against the Vikings 4rd ranked run defense (5th in YPC at 3.6).

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