Ponder praise proof Cam criticisms were race based?

I know this dead horse has been beaten to death a million times already. I know an argument like this always goes nowhere because quite simply there is just no way on earth you can prove if someone's attacks on someone is racist or not unless ofcourse if said person is using blatant racial slurs and admits he hates the person because of their skin color.

Let me go on the record by saying I myself am a white male. So this is in no way, shape or form a "White man always trying to bring the black man down." rant, its more of a observation.

I always hate the race argument when it comes to criticisms of Cam or any pro athlete for that matter. During the draft and pre draft evaluations, I heard all the talk about how criticisms on Cam are race related, Warren Moon coming out and using the race card and frankly everytime it came up I just tuned it out because it was all pointless. You cannot prove criticisms are racist. Example;

White analyst on a black QB; "This Quarterback is not pro ready, he has bad work ethic, he relies too heavily on his athletic ability and isn't smart enough to read defenses." Then next up, random black expert and analysts says something to the extent of; "White analysts' criticisms of black QB are racist." then white analyst fires back; "no im not." and it goes on and on and on and bottom line, I just tuned it all out because it went nowhere.

But after last Sunday's NFL games, the next day on Monday when all the dust settled from the NFL action on the previous day. I did notice something that definitley caught my attention. That is the high praise Christian Ponder After his lackluster performance against Green Bay. A lot of the "experts" started to praise Ponder. Saying things such as; "Christian Ponder lifts Vikings offense." or "Christian Ponder provides huge spark to struggling Vikings offense." or "Christian Ponder brings hope to Vikings fans." Judging by all the praise Ponder received you would have thought Ponder threw for over 300 yds, completed 65% of his passes and had 3 TDs with 0 interceptions.

But quite the opposite happened. Here is Ponder's stat line from Sunday; (I might be off a little but you get the idea.) 44% completion rate, 2 TDs, 2 interceptions and a QB rating of 65. What is that sound you hear? its the same sound I hear, crickets chirping.

Now how does this pertain to Cam Newton and the issue of race? Well I'll let you be the judge. Back during the pre season (I know, it sounds like ages ago.) Cam Newton finished the pre season with a 47% completion, 1 rushing TD, 1 passing TD oh and BTW NO INTERCEPTIONS. Thats right. Zip, nada, NO INTERCEPTIONS. So what did those same analysts that are now praising Ponder for his lackluster performance say about Cam after the pre season? Well one unnamed NFL scout said this of Cam; "That kid belongs nowhere near a NFL field the way he's playing." Other analysts; "Critics of Cam being proved right by rookie's poor pre season performance."

So there you have it. Christian Ponder goes out there in his debut, has a very lackluster day and a QB rating of just 65 and yet he is now suddenly being hyped as the great hope for Vikings fans. If you can provide me with a valid argument as to why Ponder is being praised for the same lackluster performance that Cam got ridiculed for during the pre season, then plesae.. Enlighten me.

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