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We kick it off with some questions about roster spots

I don't know how much cap space is left in the Panthers salary cap.
But I have 2 questions James.

Q1: Lance Briggs LB. The Bears don't seem to be in a position re-negotiate a new contract. Could the Panthers make a move for him, seeing we are thin at LB. And its possible Jon Beason will return a lesser player after a serious achilles injury?

Q2: Since Smitty is being double covered on every play and Nanee and LaFell's inability to get open consistently. Don't you think Riley Cooper from the eagles at 23yrs old 6'3 and 225 lbs could become our Jordy Nelson or AJ Green? Don't you think he would be a excellent target for Cam especially in the RED Zone and thus allow BAMF and Co to focus on drafting a DT and an explosive LB or CB in the draft next year?

1. Briggs would be a nice addition, and it wouldn't surprise me if the Panthers go after him should he become a free agent and the price is right. However, he would not fill the role of Jon Beason. Lance Briggs is a natural OLB and would take the place of Thomas Davis if he wasn't able to return, however age does become a factor with Briggs when this team seems so devoted on building through the draft.

2. I don't think quite as highly of Riley Cooper as you do. I think he could be a decent pick-up if the Eagles choose to cut him for some reason, but he's no Jordy Nelson and certainly no A.J. Green. The Panthers need to cement the #2 spot at WR, but there's no reason to think David Gettis can't do that when he returns, and thus far he's proven far more than Riley Cooper.

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A question about the near 350lb elephant in the room...

I've got an idea about the injuries to Otah. I'm wondering if his constant injuries are a result of the difference between the college game and the NFL game. What I mean is he was drafted in 2008, correct ? That year was when he was a stud for Double Trobule, as a rookie. Ever since then he has had injury problems. Could it be that the problem is simply the rigors of the NFL are too much for some players ? Unlike some fans, I will not question his toughness (he's a BIG man and he could hurt me) !!! What do you guys think ?

I think you're right on the money on all accounts. The fact is, the bigger a guy gets the harder it is to stay in shape and injury free. Large guys are constantly walking a tightrope to keep themselves as big as possible, but also to gain as much mobility as possible- sadly with players like Otah and Kris Jenkins it's just not always possible to find that balance. When it's all said and done Otah is as talented a RT as you'll find in the NFL, when he's on he field he's dominant, but it's probably time to start realizing he's the next in a long line of players who couldn't find the balance between weight and conditioning in the NFL.

I noticed other coaches are changing quarterbacks. What would be wrong with putting Anderson into the game to give Cam some relief?

If the Panthers find themselves in a position where they're up big in a game then I have no doubt they'll cool the jets and sit Cam. However, as it stands we've been pretty much down to the wire in every single game. Unless the Panthers go on a tear and lock up a playoff spot, or we start blowing some teams we might see Anderson for a little while, but for the most part this is about getting Newton as many reps as possible for 2012 and beyond.

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