Redskins vs. Panthers Defensive Film Review: Top 8 Plays

NFLPanthers07 was kind enough upon request to put together a short clip of the top plays from the Panthers defense in the 33-20 win over the Redskins. Given all the talk and focus on the Panthers offense (and rightfully so) I think it's appropriate to give the defense props this time  for having a good game as well (we need more!). So in the video below we've got the top 8 defensive plays with descriptions for each:

Play 1 - LDE Antwan Applewhite blew past RT J (Jamal?) Brown and gets a good hit on John Beck, knocking the ball loose that is then recovered by the Panthers Terrell McClain. Just a fantastic edge rush to beat his man one on one.

Play 2 - Lined on the right side of LOS, LB James Anderson fights off a block by TE Fred Davis and tackles RB Ryan Torain for a 5 yard loss. Just the start of a great day for Anderson.

Play 3 - Greg Hardy stays home on a play action bootleg and charges Beck like a monster shot from the sea! Beck, upon gazing into the Kraken's glowing eyes can do nothing but feebly throw the ball down before getting pummeled, resulting in a grounding call.

Watch the video below and then  read the remaining 5 descriptions... after the jump...

Play 4 - After WR Jabar Gaffney makes a catch over the middle, the ever pursuing Charles Johnson knocks the ball free that is then recovered by...guess who... James Anderson.

Play 5 - DC Sean McDermott calls a middle blitz bringing both SS Charles Godfrey and LB James Anderson. Godfrey gets picked up but Anderson does not and tosses Beck down using an Olympic hammer throw-like  tackle. A perfect play call gets the sack!

Play 6 - Hardy again stays home on the play-action bootleg and this time knocks down the pass intended for the flat. Nothing gets past the Kraken!

Play 7 - CB Chris Gamble gets a gift INT as Beck and his intended receiver are not on the same page. I will give Gamble credit for having his head turned in time and then completing the catch while staying in bounds.

This last play is actually my favorite of the day and one I didn't fully appreciate when it happened.

Play 8 - Using only a three man rush, Panthers DE Charles Johnson executes a perfect spin move on LT Sean Locklear and nails the unsuspecting Beck for a crunching sack. Big money has been worth every penny!

So if you like the video please give it a Rec and let's give NFLPanthers07 some love for his fine work. I'm hoping he'll take a few more requests for videos. A 'Best of' Cam Newton scrambling video comes to mind! And yes, after 7 games Newton already has enough running plays to fill a 'Best of' video segment...amazing.

You can sign up for NFLPanthers07 You Tube page here and check out his other work.

Go Panthers!

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