You Make the Call: Predicting this week's game vs. the Falcons!

Last week I predicted a Panther W, and was wrong.  At some point the Panthers are going to turn all of this losing into fuel for a big win.  And I thought it could be against the Saints, but last week was not that week.  The Saints were too good, and some of our weaknesses were again exposed.  So I'm 3-2 with my predictions on the year to date. 

So far this year, you can sum up the Panthers' success or lack of it in one long sentence:

We have played well enough to barely lose to average/bad teams on the road, to barely lose to great teams at home, and to barely win against a bad team at home.  That formula will guide my pick for this week.

I said this week 2, and I have to say it again this week:  I don't like this Sunday's game in Atlanta, not at all.  For a lot of reasons. 

1.  I'm not confident in our ability to stop Michael Turner from having a big day. 

2.  The Falcons are really good in the Georgia Dome (no, losses to the unstoppable Super Bowl champs don't count). 

3.  I don't like playing a proud, talented Falcons team coming off an embarrassing home loss to the Pack, in their house, in desperate need of a W.

As James documented earlier this week, the Falcons are pretty banged up.  Julio Jones being out will hurt them.  But it's not like they are lacking targets with White, Douglas, and especially if Gonzalez plays. 

I think Deangelo could have a big day in Atlanta; but then again, there is no reason to think that Chud will ever revise his pass-heavy tendencies enough to give DWill 25 carries a game when circumstances warrant it.  (If he did, by the way, SuperCam might have more gas left in the tank to be successful on those 4th quarter drives.)

I hope with all of my heart that I'm wrong.  I still think the Panthers can win 6-7 games this year.  I hope the Falcons come out flat and they lose, go to 2-4 on the year, and continue their slide to a year ending in missing the postseason.  But of all the games left on our schedule, I have the least amount of confidence for us to win this game on Sunday in Atlanta.  It's the wrong team in the wrong stadium at the wrong time.  Again, I hope I'm wrong.

Look for bad Cam to turn the ball over 3 times in a loud, hostile Georgia Dome, and the hungry Falcons to take this one, because they need it more than we do.

Falcons 31  Panthers 17

That’s how I see it.  What about you Panthers fans?  How do you see this Sunday’s game?  You make the call,


Let’s hear it!

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