Too much rosterbation will make you go blind: A Gil Brandt story

I have the utmost respect for former Dallas Cowboys scout and current NFL Network analyst Gil Brandt. Leading up to the 2011 draft he was in the vocal minority of analysts who believed not only would Cam Newton be able to play in the NFL, but thrive. However, there are some times even the best analyst can be off the mark, and that's what seems to have happened with Brandt as he furiously rosterbated last night on

I'll be the first to admit it... I love rosterbation; tinkering with a team's makeup and playing armchair GM is fun, even if it's wholly self serving. Like most good things though it's best when shared, and that's where we see 'mutual rosterbation'. This is the act by while the needs and concerns of another team are taken into account also, allowing one's rosterbation to not only be self serving, but logically sound.

Brandt unfortunately missed this mark last night when he suggested that the Carolina Panthers trade Jimmy Clausen to the Denver Broncos for WR Brandon Lloyd, and we'll discuss why this was a terrible piece of rosterbation after the jump.

Tip of the hat to 'Son of a Newton' for his fanshot

So why wouldn't this deal make sense? Well, primarily because there is nobody inside the Denver Broncos organization with any true connection to Jimmy Clausen. Sure, on the surface one could say "Well, Foxy coached him in Carolina!" but P.J. Carlesimo coached Latrell Sprewell, but that doesn't mean he'll invite him over for a box social. Please don't miscontrue, I don't want to insinuate that Jimmy Clausen ever had a physical altercation with John Fox... we all know his hands are too small to choke a grown man anyway.

The fact is, John Fox never wanted Jimmy Clausen, he didn't draft Jimmy Clausen and was forced into a position to play Jimmy Clausen. If Foxy had his druthers in 2010 then Matt Moore would have played the entire year, but injury derailed that plan. 

Then we look at Brandon Lloyd. Would the Panthers absolutely love to get Lloyd for a QB they have deactivated each week? Absolutely. If Hurney pulled it off I'm sure we'd see the patented 'Marty Hurney look of excitement'


You'll just have to trust me... he's excited

What doesn't make any sense though is why Denver would trade their #1 receiver, and only reliable target for a QB who has done less than another failed Notre Dame QB on their roster, Brady Quinn. I get that Lloyd is 30 years old, and as such doesn't have a ton in the tank, but he'd bring far more to the table than Jimmy Clausen. Lloyd is coming off a 1,400 yard receiving season, and is on pace for close to 1,000 this year despite the turmoils at the QB position.

Then there's Tim Tebow. Where do we begin on Tebow? While ESPN may be force feeding us this idea that he was one of the best QBs in the NFL last week, but those who watched his performance probably remember his 1-5, 0 yard start rather than the few impressive throws he made to close out the game. Brandt is further rosterbating that Tebow could be traded to the Miami Dolphins... not sure why, but he's suggesting it. Personally, I don't understand why a team in the middle of the "Andrew Luck Neck-beard Parlay" (I refuse to call it a 'sweepstakes') would trade for a QB this season. Concurrently, the Denver Broncos are trying to evaluate Tim Tebow to decide whether he can be their starting QB of the future, and Tebow is the most exciting thing to happen in Denver since medical marijuana so I don't blame them for getting their tie-dye in a tizzy over him.

In the end I feel like Brandt may have jumped the rosterbatory shark on this one. Obviously the Carolina Panthers would fall over themselves to get a #2 receiver for an inactive QB, but none of the other elements for a potential trade make sense. For better or for worse I think we're riding with Jimmy to be the 3rd string until his contract is up, and personally that just means I have more opportunities to use Pickle Man, and for that I'm grateful.


Here's a tip: Turn this into a Fathead and hang over your 

child's bed to guarantee restful nights.

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