The conference of 2011: Richardson, Morrison and Hurney speak...

Dateline: Charlotte. 1/4/10- 11 AM

At this point I'm sure we all know a press conference like this doesn't exactly fall into the realm of 'normal'. Jerry Richardson rarely, if ever holds these conferences and by my count this will only be the 6th time in 17 years. It's been over 2 years since JR last talked to the media and that was to announce he needed a heart transplant.

As the conference gets underway I will be updating this post live so CSR gets the news as it breaks. This conference could range anywhere from announcing a head coach, to merely reassuring the fan base... we just don't know.

Only time will tell.


- Curious beginning as Richardson pauses to ask WBTV reporter Nicole Darin who she is.

- Fox was told he would not be re-signed during the Meinike Bowl. Richardson called mood 'cordial'.

- Richardson liked talking about technology a lot early... which was rather confusing. Raving about having a cell phone, using email.

- "We're going forward, we are moving forward, it's a new year. This pain we've been through is eventually going to pay good results". - Richardson

- Richardson spoke of the 'coaching search' and said Danny Morrison would be part of that.

- Richardson went on the offensive pointing at a paper and saying we "shouldn't use sources" presumably in response to numerous reports he will be cheap in hiring a coach.

- JR denies the Panthers have had contact with Stanford HC Jim Harbaugh

- He harped on consistency saying that back to back winning seasons were "important" an obvious reference to John Fox. He went on to say this was the primary reason for Fox leaving.

- Veterans were cut because he wanted young players to play.

- Richardson said he was pleased with the young roster.

- When asked if he wont spend money to bring a coach in, Richardson referred to dollar spent in the past. Clearly indicating this report in inaccurate. 

- Hurney insinuated the Panthers will be looking to hire an assistant or college coach, rather than a former NFL head coach. So, no Cowher, no Gruden.

- Would have cost $11.4 million to fire entire coaching staff. Big motivating factor for keeping them.

- "Not spending money would be foreign to me" - Richardson

- Not like 2002, Richardson doesn't feel like the life has been "sucked out of the franchise". 

- No new contracts for players until a new CBA is in place.

- No intention of trading the #1 pick.

- Richardson intends to own this franchise "as long as he lives" 

- Owners are 'most united they've ever been' according to JR.

- He's not as optimistic as some on the labor situation.

- Big presentation on the labor situation. 


And that was the conference. JR was fiery, in control and looked like he was ready to let loose. 

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