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Hello Panther Fans! So far so good, this off-season has been pretty exciting and I'm anticipating much more to come. But lately there hasn't been as much action going on so I've found myself being bored at times. One thing that's gotten me excited this off-season is that Beason is going to the Pro-Bowl! Now i know that the Pro-Bowl is mostly a popularity contest but at least our players are getting recognized right? 

So being bored and all I've decided to look over the Pro-Bowl roster for the NFC and our Panthers roster to see who really had the better stats this season, and who I'd rather have on the team. (Starters)

*****I forgot that we had the WORST offense in the world this season but i realised that AFTER i did this soooo maybe I should do one for our defense? haha so this is basically pointless but im gonna post anyways.

QB - Jimmy Clausen 157/299 52.5% pct. 1,1558 Yds 3 TD 9 INT Rating: 58.4



Michael Vick 233/372 62.6% pct. 3,018 Yds 21 TD 6 INT Rating: 100.2

So obviously Mike Vick had a better year than Clausen. I didn't include any of Vick's rushing stats because it wouldn't be fair to poor Jimmy seeing as how he can barely step up in the pocket to save his life! If I had to pick either one it would definitely be Vick.

RB - DeAngelo Williams 87 CAR 361 Yds 4.1 Avg 1 TD 1 Fum


Michael Turner 334 CAR 1,371 Yds 4.1 Avg 12 TDS 2 Fum

This was a bad year for DWill because of all the playing time he missed, but he still averaged 4.1 yds per carry. Michael Turner had a very productive year for the Falcons helping them get into the play-offs running for 1,371. Again the stats show that Turner had a better year than DWill, but i would pick DeAngelo to be on my team any day. I believe DeAngelo is faster, harder to tackle and his cuts are just deadly!

FB - Tony Fiametta 7 CAR 22 Yds 3.1 Avg 0 TD


Ovie Mughelli 13 CAR 36 Yds 2.8 Avg 0 TD

I'm gonna be honest and say I dont know much about Mughelli, Either he had an amazing year blocking or lots of Falcons fans voted him in. On the other hand I think Fiametta had a decent year as the starter. Whenever he had a chance to catch the ball he did pretty well and he upped his game during the last weeks of the season. So if I had to pick one it would be Fiametta.

WR - Steve Smith 46 Rec 554 Yds 12. Avg 2 TDS & David Gettis 37 Rec 508 Yds 13.7 Avg 3 TDS


Roddy White 115 Rec 1,389 Yds 12.1 Avg 10 Tds & Calvin Johnson 77 Rec 1,120 Yds 14.5 Avg 12 TDS

There's no doubt if we had a decent QB Smitty and Gettis' numbers would be better. I mean they had BSP passing to them for a game! It's really sad that Smittys 2 TDS came during the first 2 games of the year and he had so few receptions. On the other hand White and Johnson both had very good years and are 2 of my favorite WRs. If I had to pick from them to start for my team it would be Smitty and Calvin starting alongside each other. I mean which team wouldn't want that? You couldn't go wrong with White either, or even Gettis, just get him a decent QB to throw to them.

TE - Jeff King 19 Rec 121 Yds 6.4 Avg 2 TDS 25 SWAGGER Rating 


Jason Witten 94 Rec 1,002 Yds 10.7 Avg 9 TDS 

I'd pick Jason Witten in a heartbeat nuff said. It always amazes me when a TE goes over 1,000 yds. Maybe because all 3 of our current TEs can't get that many yds combined! But i'm sure that will change with Rivera in charge.

T - Jordan Gross 16 G 16 GS


Tyson Clabo 16 G 16 GS

Again I know nothing about Clabo so I choose Gross despite his annoying false starts. :P

G - Travelle Wharton 9 G 9 GS & Geoff Schwartz 16 G 16 GS


Jahri Evans 16 G 16 GS & Chris Snee 16 G 16 GS

For Jimmys health I would pick Wharton and Evans. But i sure wouldn't want to pay Evans all the money he's getting. $56.7 million 7 yr contract. Highest paid interior offensive lineman in the league.

C - Ryan Kalil 16 G 16 GS


Andre Gurode 16 G 16 GS

Both had a solid season but if I had to pick one it would be Kalil because he's still very young at 25 yrs versus Gurode at 31 yrs.

I knew ALL of you wanted to know who i wanted on our team so there it is. ;)

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