Panthers WR Clowney Recounts his 2010 Odyssey

 For the first time on CSR we've got a link to Panthers WR David Clowney's web page as he discusses his 2010 odyssey starting with the Jets and culminating in Carolina. David_clowney_carolina_panthers_v_tampa_bay_rj6jd8jcugll_medium


I believe Clowney's first exit from the Jets was captured on Hard Knocks if I'm not mistaken, which he doesn't discuss in this piece though. Clowney takes the high road though and doesn't bother diss-ing his old team, though I'm sure he wasn't happy about getting released twice.

Even though I’m not with the Jets anymore I was still rooting for those guys to make it, being that I still have a lot of friends that play for the team.

But he is very positive about the new regime in Carolina:

The Panthers are a great organization. Started off my first game as a Panther as the third wide receiver and finished the game with two 3rd down catches. We have a great team but didn’t quite put everything together the way we needed to week in and week out. I feel like this up and coming year is going to be a great year for me. We have a new coaching staff. I had the chance to meet the QBs coach a couple days ago. Seems like a really good guy. And I’m excited about having the offensive coordinator from San Diego. With the passing attack he used with Phillip Rivers, I feel like it could be even better here in Carolina with the wide receivers we have with myself, Lafell, and Gettis.

So look at all the young players rushing to meet the new staff! I like it. I also like who Clowney plans to train with over the offseason...after the jump.

This offseason I will be in Florida training, getting ready for the season. Training with Santonio Holmes, Ike Taylor, Bryant McFadden and a lot of other guys.

Clowney's future with the Panthers is probably tenuous at best but here one good reason to keep him around, though probably not good enough by itself:

I still will be having the 3rd Annual David Clowney Foundation Celebrity Weekend. It will consist of a youth football camp, celebrity basketball game, celebrity bowling, and a lot other events for the weekend. I still haven’t gotten the date locked in yet but it will either be the first or second weekend of June.

CBA or not these guys will keep their charity events going. You have to applaud that.

One last nugget I pulled from his Bio page:

Best offensive players I’ve played with:
Greg Jennings, Jerricho Cotchery, Chad Pennington and Marcus Vick at Virginia Tech.
Marcus Vick what happened to you? But that's a whole other thread...


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