Sorry...I was WRONG

To those of you who read my first post back in October 2010, I am sorry, I was wrong. I hope what I wrote in the post will be a reality after the 2011-2012 season. To be continued after The Jump.

I think our main problem in our offense was definitely the play calling, and the main problem with the play calling was the person who called the plays. Our second problem was our offensive line. The offensive line has an obvious problem because our First Round Draft Pick Starting Right Tackle was not available. Beside that, we were also without a veteran starting right guard which meant the entire right side of the line was a problem. This problem definitely affected our running game.

Without a solid running game, both Matt Moore and Jimmy Clausen were in trouble. Beside not having a running game, they also became tackling dummies for the opposing defense.

What I stated above are facts. Now here is my opinion; Matt Moore is a better than an average back-up quarterback at best or below average starting quarterback material. Jimmy Clausen is a rookie, yes, he was a projected first round QB, but he was drafted by the Panthers in the SECOND round, and that is a fact. That means all the teams that passed on Jimmy were right about his assesment, but on the other hand, we might able to coach and develop him into the next Montana, Brady, or Brees. Basically what I'm saying here is he is not good enough to be a starter in his rookie year and definitely not our answer to the QB situation in the immediate future. We had to start him because Moore wasnt doing well, and he was hurt.

We should have started and stay with Jimmy in Week 2 because Moore had a concussion from the Giants game. He should not be playing until Week 3. I think the coaches made a very BIG mistake there and it snowballed. They hurt both Moore's and Jimmy's future. Moore might be able to reset from the Giants game and play better in Week 3 when he was ready instead of trying to play with a concussion suffered just a week ago.

Ok, that was the past, we cant go back now. I just hope that the front office will correct their mistakes and start making good and right decisions again. They did it before, I think they will do it again.

If I get to call the shots, there are a few things I will try to execute. First, I will draft AJ Green since with the #1 overall pick, this can be guaranteed. Then I will try to sign Marc Bulger or Billy Volek. I will also sign Alex Smith if he is not asking too much. If I cannot get Smith, then I will resign Matt Moore. Oh, I will also trade Smitty for a draft pick. Our active receivers will be Green, Gettis, Lafell, and Edwards. When these guys get "IT", we might have the Greatest Show on Grass together with Double Trouble. Yes, I will definitely resign D-Will.

The most important thing for this entire plan of action is getting two very solid starting offensive linemen. No guarantees in the Draft since the guys that you want might not be available when it is your turn to pick again so we get them via free agency. The available players are: Logan Mankins, Carl Nicks, Davin Joseph, and Jermon Bushrod. We need to get two guys from this group, and of course, we need to resign Kalil.

I am not saying we will go to the SuperBowl with what I will do if I'm the Big Cat, but least we are on track to be a SB contender with this offense.

I will talk about what I will do on the defense side in my next post.

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