Panthers QB Matt Moore Gives Injury Rehab Update

Panthers QB Matt Moore posted a new piece on his website about the 2010 season, his rehab status and his desire to stay in Charlotte. After waxing poetic about having to play young players, he conveniently skips over the first part of the season and starts his season recap with game seven:

I felt we had a nice comeback win against the Niners in Week 7, then the next week we lost a tough one to the Rams. The following week we were playing the Saints tough, everybody was getting into it and we were feeling pretty good. Unfortunately for me, I went down in the second quarter.

Hey I can't blame him for wanting to forget those first six games. It was rough...and I have about 8 more I'd like to forget...but I digress.

He does give us a positive update on his rehab:

My injury was a torn labrum in my right shoulder. I’m actually doing really well. I’m nine weeks out of surgery, my mobility is good and I’m getting my strength back. The Panthers trainers are doing a great job of getting me back to where I need to be. When I initially suffered the injury, I knew something was wrong. The most pain came in the first four days after the surgery. That was tough, I had never had surgery before. After that it was just a lot of ice and I started to feel better. The past 5-6 weeks I’ve felt great.

So will Moore be back in electric blue? I can't imagine he will and here is why. I fully expect the Panthers to sign a vet to back-up/compete with Clausen (or another young or rookie QB). That leaves the 3rd string job for Moore and probably Tony Pike to compete. Well certainly another team will offer Moore a chance to be a back-up and probably throw more money at him than the 3rd stringer offer he;s bound to get from us. Especially since he;s coming off a tedious injury like a torn labrum. Moore backs no bones about where his heart lies though:

Obviously I would love to stay in Carolina. But nothing will be set in motion until some other things are sorted out. So I’m just hanging in there, getting my shoulder better and hoping we can work something out.

Those are very true words about the CBA coming before any free agent decisions. I do wish Moore the best of luck though. I wouldn't write him off just yet. He's just on his 5th season and could easily bounce back and become a good back-up QB or maybe more. last quote from the article that caused a funny thought to pop in my head, regarding having to sit and watch the rest of the season due to injury:

I got to see Jimmy play and watch how he handled different situations. I kind of played the game in my head from the sidelines just to stay in it.

That's about as PC as you could describe watching Clausen and the Panthers offense this season. I bet when Moore was calling plays in his head they were much better ones than what Davidson was calling during the game! Just a guess...

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