DE Bowers to Court Panthers and #1 Pick at Combine

At a time when many top prospects skip the NFL combine in favor of private work outs, Clemson DE Da'Quan Bowers says he's going to prove he's the #1 pick at the upcoming NFL Scouting Combine:

"I am definitely going to the combine," Bowers said. "I'm going to perform. I'm going to settle my spot as the number one pick on the field. If a team isn't sure about me as the number one pick, I want to give them a great reason to be sure of me."



Since there is no longer a clear favorite for the top selection it might persuade more top pick contenders to attend the showcase in Indy. It looks like Bowers expects his 'friend' DT Nick Fairley to be there to 'push him':


"I'm at the number one spot, but he is also at the number one spot according to some," Bowers said. "He's my friend, but if he is going to push me, I'm going to push him."

Might WR AJ Green and QB Cam Newton also attend so that Bowers and Fairley don't get an advantage in exposure to the Panthers? Might we have a combine with all the top prospects?


I'm thinking its about time we get a new crush on a prospect. If there is a darkhorse for the #1 pick it has to be Bowers. Look at the picture. He is built so similar to a previous homegrown DE that I'm not going to mention. If Bowers backs up his words with a super Combine he might be hard to pass on. With no QB worth the #1 pick might Rivera look to add another difference-maker on 3rd down? 

It would give us a glut at DE I agree with Johnson, Brown and Hardy already there...but what a rotation that would be. Bowers could move inside at DT on 3rd and longs, he has that kind of size. Or he could 

Here's some comments from a scouting report I found:

Pass Rush Skills: Not enough speed to consistently bend and blow past linemen’s outside shoulders, but does have a ton of power to knock linemen on their heels. Gets off the line with a good initial burst. Has long arms and uses them effectively on swim and rip moves. Possesses great closing speed. Versatile as a pass rusher. Can rush from either left or right defensive end and is strong and quick enough to rush from the 3 technique. Uses good leverage and gets underneath linemen’s shoulder pads on his bull rush.

I'm not letting the lack of top speed as a negative as we have plenty of speed rushers. We need another bull rusher like Charles Johnson to collapse the middle on stunts. Bowers fits that bill if that is the priority:

Versus the run: Excellent against the run. Surprisingly hard to move off of his spot. Good lower body strength. Really excels at extending his arms and shedding blockers. Can come off the ball a little high at times. Needs to consistently maintain leverage out of his stance. Reads the run quickly and attacks the ball carrier. At defensive end, he does a great job at stringing plays out to the sideline. Is not fooled often on option read or misdirection plays. Powerful and sure tackler. Gives good effort. Will take down ball carriers by the shoe strings when he can quite get there.

He'd be a nice addition to the run defense. Watch the video at the end of the link for the scouting report. The guy is an athletic freak...

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