I'm left Scratching my head because to me it doesn't add up.

We all come at life with our own unique set of beliefs and perceptions so what I "see" may not be your perception. But I did want to see what the perception you have regarding a disconnect between what is said and the direction the team is taking by who they have on the team: the players.

Rivera in his press conference said he want an aggressive physcial team...on both sides of the ball. That to me screams stop the run and power running. For either to happen you need to be strong at the LOS. If I am right on that then the past three drafts doesn't make much sense.

Let me explain my reasoning.

Stopping the run takes big bodies on the line, the ends have to be strong enough to set the edge and the tackles need a push to keep the LBs clean. I don't think Brown, Taylor, or Norwood fits that bill. But Hardy and Johnson I believe does. Our starting DTs are just too light and a win for them is if they can just hold up and not get pushed off the line. Hayden and Irwin are neither 300+ lb monsters. And neither is E Johnson. So to me the defensive line as a whole is just too small to stop the run on a consistent basis.

If you take our linebackers as a group they will probably average less than 235 lbs with only Jason Williams and T Davis at 240lbs+. Again to me that is not setting a physcial presence. That is possibly why along with being light up front that we have 4 LBs on IR.

Rivera said he wanted to be agressive and physcial and on offense to throw or run when he wanted to. I transfer that on defense to meaning you blitz when you want to or a 3 man line or nickel when you want to. To do that you have to win the war at the LOS and you have to do that with your 4 man front. A worn out opponent equals slower reactions and that equals turnovers, TFL, sacks and penalities. My idea defense means they react to what you do on defense not the other way 'round.

Again to me the defensive personell and scheme we have isa read and react defense, ideally matched to an efficent, effective, high-scoring WCO. West Coast and power running are two different animals with different personell. Clausen, Edwards, and Pike all to me scream WC. And Goodson is more of a WC back. Fiametta and Jackson are FBs in a power running offense.

To me looking in at this time it looks like a chinese fire drill with no idea whatever what the philosphy is. Looks to me like the selections of Clausen, Pike, Norwood, Edwards, Brown and  to a lesser degree Goodson points to a WCO and read and react defense which I don't think fits what I heard Rivera say.

Personally I like power football, just look at Pittsburgh, Jets, Ravens, SD, Atlanta, TB, Chicago and Giants as good examples.

So am I living in an alternative reality or does our team resemble a mis-mash of styles. And if it is which brand of football do you prefer, WCO or power football? And last am I reading Rivera's statement correct? That is his brand of aggresive football means power football.

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