Carolina Panthers' Ghosts of Quarterbacks Past

We had today's trivia question up for a reason. Early this morning both the Carolina Panthers and Steve Reed said via Twitter that Matt Moore was poised to be the 6th opening day QB in Carolina Panthers history.

This struck a chord with myself and several other CSR editors as the numbers didn't seem right. After doing a little research we confirmed our suspicions; the Panthers and Reed were wrong. This isn't a finger pointing exercise as those first three games of 1995 were easy to forget, but we saw it as a good opportunity to turn back time and remember the "Ghosts of Panthers' Quarterbacks Past". Lets revisit these familiar (and not so familiar) faces...

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1.      Frank Reich (1995)




So, how many of you got Frank Reich? I know, he was easy to look over and I suspect was the player the Panthers and Reed forgot about. Reich started three games in 1995 posting a 58.7 QB rating and throwing the first TD in Carolina Panthers’ history to Pete Metzelaars. The plug was pulled after three games though in favor of the man at #2.

Fun Fact: Reich is now the QB coach for the Indianapolis Colts


2.      Kerry Collins (1996)




The Kerry Collins era was in full effect in 1996 as he closed out the final thirteen games of the 1995 season with a QB rating of 61.9. He was injured going into the 1996 season which brought the first stint for arguably the greatest QB in Panther history.

Fun Fact: At 37 years old Collins is the 2nd oldest QB currently in the NFL. Second only to Brett Favre (40)


3.      Steve Beuerlein (1997)



While filling in for Kerry Collins while injured Beuerlein posted a QB rating of 88.1. Hindsight is 20/20… but we should have kept him in as Collins went in to finish the season with a rating of 55.7.


4.      Kerry Collins (1998)



Collins started just four games for the Carolina Panthers before being placed on waivers and signed by the New Orleans Saints.

Fun Fact: Collins found that pizza in a dumpster!


5.      Steve Beuerlein (1999-2000)



Beuerlein and Delhomme are regarded as the two greatest QBs of Carolina Panthers history. While a two year starter for the Panthers he posted an 85.9 QB rating while making the pro bowl in 1999

Fun Fact: It was Beuerlein who was the first Notre Dame QB to be a Carolina Panther, not Jimmy Clausen. Most people forget this.


6.      Chris Weinke (2001)



Oh Weinke… we have a dog named after you, don’t we? He was proof positive that a Heisman does not a QB make. Due to Weinke playing six seasons of baseball for the Toronto Blue Jays his football career started late, and when I say late I’m not just talking Juno late, I’m talking "What made the Panthers think a 29 year old rookie was a good idea?" late. But hey, he posted a QB rating of 62 in 2001… that was better than Kerry Collins did his first year as a starter.

Fun Fact: Weinke is now the director of the IMG Madden Football Academy


7.      Rodney Peete (2002-03)



The Carolina Panthers love affair with old quarterbacks continued as we started the 36 year old Rodney Peete in 2002. Peete played in 14 games in 2002 posting a QB rating of 77.4, the best since Steve Beuerlein and the second best in Panther history up to this point. In 2003 Peete famously started the first half vs. Jacksonville before being pulled in favor of his successor and #8 on this list.

Fun Fact: Rodney and his wife Holly now have their own radio show called "Meet the Peetes" on Oprah Winfrey’s XM Satellite Radio channel.


8.      Jake Delhomme (2004-2009)



Arguably the greatest QB in Carolina Panthers’ history Delhomme’s Panthers’ teams were undoubtably the most prolific after a Superbowl appearance in 2003 and another two playoff appearances. Never regarded as a great physical talent Delhomme made up for it with heart posting a Panther career QB rating of 84.9, just 1 point behind Beuerlein.

Fun Fact: At 35 years old Delhomme is currently the 2nd oldest QB slated to start week one.


9.      Matt Moore (2010-?)



And so the Matt Moore era begins…



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