Trial By Fire

The mind can be a powerful thing, but it can easily be influenced.  After two years of reading posts and comments that range from overly optimistic (see myself) to red flags for criminally psychotic behavior, I've come to the conclusion that it isn't just the Panther's fault for an 0-2 start, the majority of the blame rests on the shoulders of...the fans.  In a democracy as well as in capitalism, majority wins.  The majority of this fan base wanted Delhomme, Fox, and Peppers gone.  Mr. Richardson obliged.  The majority wanted a franchise QB and new receivers.  They wanted elements to spice up the offense and add options.    The Panthers went out and addressed all of their needs and even did their best to make the fans happy.  Are they happy?  Nope.  Because, apparently, in the new era of football, 0-2 is worse than 1-15.  It's the new math for a spoiled generation that believes education isn't important anymore, because a computer can do it all for you.  

I'm sorry if this comes across as a major insult to some of you, but I hope it sinks home.  You can bag on my favorite teams if you want, but I'm gonna list them to justify a fan.  NC State, San Francisco Giants, Carolina Hurricanes, and Carolina Panthers.  I've been a football fan since 1985, a State fan since 87, a giants fan since 86, and a hurricane since their first stanley cup, when I realized, "HOLY CRAP, this is actually fun to watch!".

NC State had the propensity to recruit future convicts, ball hogs, pre madonna's, and idiots.  But they also struck gold with gems.  They always played their hearts out and even survived an era of chuck amoto and Herb Sendek.  No matter how bad it got, and believe me, it got real bad ALOT!  I stayed a fan and am still a fan, this year their team has started 3-0, will it remain that way, probably not, but that's the beauty of being a fan, it gives you hope.

The San Francisco Giants.  You know, one year they won 103 games and didn't make the playoffs, because Atlanta won 104.  Guess why I became a Giants fan.  Because, I'm not from Atlanta, and at that age, If I couldn't get to Atlanta, I couldn't get to Detroit, KC, or San Fran, so why not pick a team that inspired me.  I picked San Fran, mostly because there are too many braves bandwagoners in NC.  They took their lumps, ALOT.  In fairness, I don't even watch MLB anymore.  I haven't seen a single game since the beginning of the steroid debacle.  Not because I was mad at the players, they ALL were juicing, it brought life back to the sport, and when records started falling, the witch hunt began and I quit watching.

Enough about my taste in sports teams.  The important thing I'm trying to get at, is not that Panther's fans are horrible fans, some of you are downright fantastic...I'd call you saint's but that would be an insult.  I just want you to walk in the shoes of an NC State fan, or a Cleveland fan (any team in cleveland, they all stink).  Every year, they get their hopes dashed by their teams, yet they still love their teams.  I'll give you a better example.  PHILADELPHIA!!!!  That fan base had to go through a super bowl loss AND 3 straight Division championship defeats.  OUCH!

My point in all this is, it's regular season, your team NEEDS you more than a second receiver, if you don't show your support, you may as well join Jarrett on the bench.  Use the offseason to complain, gripe, call for the heads of players and coaches, or use these boards to let your anger out for dumb plays during a game, even call for heads then, heat of the moment and all, but for heavens sake, don't show the rest of the world how callow and fickle a panthers fan base is.  I as a fan, demand respect, you should to.

Also, home games, if your team is on offense...SHUT UP!  So they can hear the snap counts and audibles.  Raise hell when their offense is on the field.  If you wonder where the false starts come from...there's your sign.

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