Panther Paw Prints: Feisty Prints Edition

Panthers Paw Prints

I was already a little fired up this morning in response to the Ochocinco tweets to LB Jon Beason. Mild smack talk at best but still, I find it curious to see how the Panthers will respond if at all. Should it fire them up? I find it both amusing and satisfying though that there can still be an element of jovial-ness if you will in the Pro game. I see nothing wrong with being reminded every now and then that football is only a game and there are bigger things in life.

What am I saying? Eff that!

I want Ocho stinko to wear the collar, as in goose egg in the box score. I want a couple well timed hits that separate him from the ball and his sanity! Let's get fiesty Panther D! Ocho says he is unstoppable. Did you love Beason return zinger about Ray Lewis?

First up is rookie WR David Gettis, who says talk-to-the-hand when questioned about his speed:

For a Panthers upset, someone must step up -
What’s your best time in the 40-yard dash? "I ran a 4.35," says Gettis. Was that with a Baylor stopwatch? "NFL scouts were there," he says. You faster than Steve Smith? "We’d have to race," says Gettis. When was the last time you played against somebody faster than you are? "Next question," he says.

I think the kid is feeling fiesty!...From the 'No Duh' closet it's Carson Palmer leveling his sage advice to Clausen:

Carson Palmer's advice: Don't lock on Steve Smith -
"I’ve seen Steve Smith catch one-step hitches against cloud coverages and score touchdowns, which should never, ever happen." Palmer said. "(But) if you feel painted into a corner, and feel you only have one player who can get open, you need to have a more positive outlook about the guys around you. You cannot just keep going to the same guy every single time. "It bites you in the butt – you throw interceptions."

I think "ol Jake could have used that advice about a year and half ago....more after the jump...


This is the kind of thing that makes Fox a 'player's coach', he has a sense for what the team needs mentally:

Team sheds pads, works on mental game -
It wasn't any less tempo or anything like that. It was good. We need to switch it up, and I think coach is doing a good job of knowing when we need to do.

To say the Panthers need to reduce the mental errors is a serious understatement...Moving on the fiesty rookie who is now the center of attention. There is a lot of be hopeful about when hearing about how the kid is preparing for his first start:

Clausen gets advice, support ahead of first start - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
"The biggest thing is getting chemistry with Steve," Clausen said. "Matt was taking all the reps with Steve, so I think that is going to be the biggest thing is getting with Steve and getting our timing down. The few reps that we do have during the week have to be good, crisp reps."

Yes Jimmy I believe for you that is Rule #1 in the NFL Rules and Regulations. Read them. Live them! Or you might find your grill cheese burning!...So while abiding the aforementioned #1 Rule Clausen must also do something that is practically unheard of in Carolina, establish a #2 WR:

All eyes on Clausen, but he’s used to it -
I’ve been watching tape with some of the receivers," Clausen added. "And I’m going to start trying to watch tape with all the guys, whether it’s the running backs, tight ends and the offensive line, as well."

What I'm saying is that rather than telling the WR's to step up is let Clausen pick a guy and say "I'm going to throw the ball to you at least 8 times today, be effin ready, your my #2". Let's make our #2 vs praying he emerges like some kind of caterpillar to butterfly analogy...I bet we can catch the Bengals looking past the Panthers, in spite of what this Bengals coach is saying

Bengals face another rookie quarterback in Jimmy Clausen | | Cincinnati.Com
"Every QB that has played in the NFL, I promise you has won a lot of games in college," defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer said. "The last rookie QB that we played was Flacco and he beat us. We gave up two reverses but they pounded us that day."

Reverse huh? I would love to see Gettis run that play. The lesson though is that the Ravens employed a dynamic running game to beat the Bengals that day. They also have recently simplified their defense:

Inside the Panthers: Early look at the Bengals
The defensive coordinator told the team's website that he had too many checks against the Patriots the first week, saying his Ravens plan was "simpler but not simple."

Remember when Tyrgo did that to the Panthers and we got destroyed on the ground?

Moving on to some random links, our favorite pigskin carrying rapper has a new website:

Carolina Panthers Running Back Jonathan Stewart Launches New Web Site and Fan Club
"I want to use this site as a way to connect with my fans through Ustream, a platform that will provide video streaming of me either through my computer or phone," Stewart said. "I also plan to write a weekly blog to give you updates about my football and music."

I thought Stewart looked much better against the Bucs, he just didn't get enough reps.

Here's a fairly meaningless post recapping the FA WR's the Panthers passed on that could looked good in the #2WR hole. The only one I still pine for is:

Carolina Panthers: Who they didn't get at wide receiver -
ANQUAN BOLDIN Status: Traded by Cardinals along with a 2010 fifth-round pick to Ravens for 2010 third- and fourth-round picks. Ravens then gave him a three-year, $25 million extension with $10 million guaranteed. Pros: Big, physical receiver who can catch across the middle and block. Cons: Turns 30 in two weeks. Played 16 games once since 2003, missing both playoff games last year with knee and ankle problems.

Should you think things have been quiet in Bengal country this season, maybe things are just starting to heat up. Here we have Boomer railing on the attention seekers:

Bengals Blog " Boomer talks Marvin, Palmer and Bengals | Cincinnati Enquirer | Cincinnati.Com
"As much respect as I have for Owens and Chad as players sometimes they can’t see the forest through the trees. Sometimes their actions have repercussions," Esiason said. "I just imagine for Marvin that sometimes it is a pick your battle scenario. I thought the signing was terrific and because it would bring the best out in Ochocinco. When I played though it was all for one and one for all and everyone had same set of rules. Why can’t these guys respect their coach and authority, why do they have to push and be on a different plain than anyone else?"

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