A calm not right after analysis...for a change from me:)

Ok, everyone has seen my rants, let me see if I can go logical and calm. Here we go....

1. Quaterback play has been discussed and I believe we have all finally agreed Moore is over and is at best a 2 or 3. I honestly believe Pike should be ahead of him, but that is my opinion. Clausen showed the ability to lead the offense and move the chains. Had he got it in the end zone, there would be no questions who would start next week. As much crap as I give Fox I honestly think he wanted to sit Clausen to give him a chance to learn and not throw him in over his head too soon. He was touted as the most pro ready QB in draft and was, but he will have a learning curve. Somehow I think they were trying to protect him from going out and getting beat up and getting discouraged. Side note, he played for Notre Dame so he should be used to getting beat on and losing at first,lol.....sorry had to. That being said I think Jimmy is ahead of the curve a little and might be ok. It will be rough at first but he will turn into a good if not great QB, he has all the tools.

2. Offensive line play is suspect at best. Keydrick was playing well starting for the Bucs, perhaps we should have kept him instead of dumping salary. Jordan Gross just isn't playing to his normal form for some reason. Bernadeau is not doing well and Schwartz basically just lets them go by him. We need Otah back and to stay healthy for a change of pace, he is good, damn good, but down a lot. Khalil is playing well, not to his pro bowl form, but well. Essentially they are allowing to much penetration and plays are being busted in backfield before they even start. You can't run like that, no one could. D Will is a cut back runner, not between the tackles, he has no time to cutback. Without the run, you have no playaction and can't get them stacked in the box for a deep pass. These issues need fixed for any chance of putting up points, other wise running backs and Jimmy will be screwed out of the gate.

3. Receiving play or lack there of is killing us. Steve is so intent on carrying the team he is turning to run before he catches it, hence missing the easy throws. I love Smitty, my god the man has carried the passing game for years, he even made Delhomme look like a good player. The only other person catching the ball is Rosario. Hell of a pass catcher but can't run block. That is why we can be read, King = run, Rosario = pass, not good. Armanti will make a hell of a slot once he learns to play receiver, whenever that may be. Lafell better get his head out of his butt or he will be another Jarrett or Colbert. Jarrett is a failed experiment as most USC receivers are. Keyshawn was last decent USC receiver and I mean decent, not great. Did Smitty bust up his arm on that last play again? Point being go after Moss or someone on market after year or trade during, something has to change. Gettis could be good if he developes his route running and proves his hands, lord knows he has the speed to stretch the field. Barnidge was the best pass catching tight end to come out in years, yet only special teams, why? Run some double tight sets with him, Rosario, and Smitty, couldn't hurt.

4. Defense, well that is basically just John Beason and Dan Conner. They looked like monsters in the preseason, alas no. Richard Marshall is not a starter anywhere but maybe St. Louis, more money, he should be bagging groceries. Godfrey seems to be out of position a lot on over the top. Over the top means you help on deep route, not trying to jump the underneath routes on other side of the field. If we are  being honest, Marshall and Gamble are both being toasted regularly and neither can tackle. I still honestly believe we should have kept Harris, the man was a ball player. There is no penetration on D line and when there is, they can't tackle. Anyone else notice when a play is made in the backfield it is usually Conner? The D line by committee isn't working. Someone needs to light a fire under these boys posteriors.

5. Play calling is still not good. Not as bad as Giants game, but still bad. Did anyone notice when they got near goal, Davidson called 3 straight runs this game instead of pass, lol? They tried to run the ball but Bucs were in the backfield at the hand off. My real complaint would be throw some screens to keep the defense from being so aggressive. He can't really call too many passes at least nothing down field because well, who the hell is going to catch it? With no push on the line all they can do is call runs and hope for the best. Davidson is still horrible, I am not defending him. But until they get a push on the line or call some screens, it's not going to matter who is calling plays because the plays are breaking down before they develop. We had 3 straight runs at goal line with nothing.

6. Special teams is the only thing remotely working. Goodson is a good return man and it looks like Munnerlyn has learned to catch what can be caught and hold on to the ball. Special teams looks effective.

All in all that is how I see it, some will disagree. That is fine and dandy. You are entitled to a opinion and I am not the god of football, if I were, I'd be coaching the Panthers (Dream Job). I look forward to comments and you points of view. Please no fighting in comments, allow each to have their view, even if it is different from your own. I'll be at the Cincy game next week, maybe I'll throw up some pics. Later yall.

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