Thursday Night Thoughts...

Thursday Night Thoughts

Well Panther fans, the final Preseason game is in the books.  No need for a lotta intro stuff, here are some after-game thoughts:

The Good

1.      LB Jamar Williams was stellar! With 6 tackles and 2 assists, the Panthers got the better end of the Chris Harris trade because if he hadn’t been injured, he would have given Anderson a lot of competition for SLB.  Nic Harris also played well (5 tackles, 3 assists).

2.      Armanti Edwards.  I mean, how bout this dude?!?! Looks like he’s finally got comfortable catching punts in games.  Also looked good as a WR, and loved seeing him at QB.

3.      “The Mountaineer."  Name couldn’t be more perfect.  After seeing Edwards play QB, I am convinced that there isn’t a  play, formation, and position better crafted for him than that because he can really zing ‘em as well as run wild!

4.      Screen Play.  Turns out, we are pretty good at running them!

5.      2nd String.  Held their own versus the Steelers first string for a while.   Props to that!

6.      Marcus Hudson.  Had some clutch tackles, and redeemed himself from last game.

7.      Mike Goodson.  Has finally grasped his ability, and looks really ready to contribute as a changeup back.  Geeeez, we are stacked with RBs!

8.      Pike’s legs. This guy can scramble.  Don’t know why but he kind of reminded me of Steve Beuerlein while scrambling.  Must’ve been the way he moves or something…

9.      Kasay.  Gotta lot of respect for this guy!  So does Smitty…

10.  Tank Tyler.  Reminded me of Kris Jenkins for a minute there…

11.  Derek Landri and Greg Hardy.  Today’s sack artists.  By the way Hardy, it was quite electrifying when you pulled Bathroom Ben to the floor on the FIRST play of the game…

12.  Newfound CB.  Nice play knocking the sure INT out of the receivers hand, Dwayne Jarrett.  Maybe it's just that we have Jarrett in the wrong position...

The Bad

  I.            Penalties. D-Rob had 2 in a row, other backups in the line sucked as well.

  II.            Screen Plays.  Are our only successful passing play, which is pathetic…

 III.            The Gut. - -> Our Defensive Weakness.  Turns out our patch-job defensive tackles, although great at charging the QB, aren’t exactly a concrete wall, but are more like a porous and flimsy wall-on-wheels.  We might have some more trouble stopping the run this year ya’ll…

 IV.            2nd String and 3rd String D.  Couldn’t hold Steelers very long after Steelers’ ones went out.

  V.            Fiammetta.  Looked lost on one play, and didn’t pick up the block.  Wonder if this guy has finally figured it all out, or if it was just a mishap…

 VI.            Gettis vs Martin vs Moore.  Did anyone stand out more?  Not sure.  Gettis had some nice KO returns and had a few catches.  Kenny More had a clutch 1st down grab on an Out-Route.  Charly Martin had a tackle or two on ST and catch.  My guess is edge to Gettis.

VII.            Pike vs Cantwell.  Who was better? Who will make the team? Couldn’t really tell.

VIII.            Kasay.  Is he losing his leg?  He missed a 50 yarder short, but also made one.

 IX.            Stanford vs McClain.  Both had rookie plays and some redeeming plays, but mostly rookie plays.

  X.            Todd Carter.  Wasn’t blessed with good looks…

 XI.            Buyers Remorse.  Kinda wished we’d taken Emmanuel Sanders more than Brandon LaFell in the third round.  LaFell, who’s been the “surprise of camp” didn’t even record a catch.  Good grief LaFell, even Dwayne Jarrett got a catch…


A.    Concussions: Jamie Petrowski had one, no doubt.  What a horrific hit!

B.     Passing Game.  Sucks. Period.  Will any body start worrying besides me??  I mean, no one can get open, even against 2nd and 3rd tier Defenses, and still no offensive TD yet!

C.     No TDs.  Need I say more??

D.    Culberson.  You were terrible and couldn’t tackle a tackling dummy…Buh-bye! Won’t be missing ya!

Special Shout Out

1.      Told You So…  Dear Jaxon (->“I’ll believe it when I see it”) and all others who doubted me when I guaranteed Armanti in Wildcat plays as the QB: I TOLD YOU SO!  Sorry, had to get that out…

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