Panthers Paw Prints: Another Matt Moore Edition

Panthers Paw Prints

Good Wednesday afternoon, Carolina Panthers fans. I've needed a couple days to calm down before being able to post family-friendly content for Paw Prints. I also want to publicly apologize for my comment in the game thread. I was not and am not happy that Matt Moore got a concussion. What I meant was that at the time he was playing one of the single worst games I've ever seen by an NFL quarterback. I know a lot of it was the O-Line and the playcalling inside the 10, but wow, just wow. Anyway, the word from the Panthers is that if Matt Moore is healthy, he will start this week against the Bucs. In my personal opinion, I agree with Steve Reed in the WFNZ interview with Mark Packer... The NFL is super conservative and cautious about concussions these days. Jimmy Clausen should be our QB this week. If Matt Moore is on the field against Tampa this Sunday, I don't believe there was an actual concussion. Feel free to flame me, but I really believe that. Here are your links for Wednesday June 15, 2010:

Great Foxism:

If healthy, Moore should start for Carolina Panthers. (
Said Fox: "Day-to-day means kind of where we're at today is where we are. And we'll take it day-to-day." Um, right.

Gantt's take:

Moore might be back for Sunday's Bucs-Panthers game. (
"I'm ready to go," Clausen said. "Obviously Matt's day-to-day right now, and I'll prepare just like I prepared last week, to be ready to be thrown in there. That's my mentality, how I'm taking it this week. "It's similar stuff, whether I'm in there or Matt's in there or Tony's in there, it really doesn't matter. We've got to run the same offense, and that's our job to learn the offense and go out and execute it."

More after the jump...

Daily Panthers' Audio Update:

Audio Gallery: 9/14 Panthers Update. (
9/14 Panthers Update

I absolutely loved the play where he came through unblocked, wrapped up Eli and drove him into the ground:

Panthers' youth serves adequately in opener. (
LB DAN CONNOR, 3RD SEASON, 24 Middle linebacker had team-high 13 tackles and Panthers' only sack in his first start. Though Connor was out of position a couple of times, he showed why coaches were comfortable moving Jon Beason (10 tackles against the Giants) to weakside linebacker.

 I've never thought about it in term of a ranking, but this is probably true. I don't usually think of Big Cat as being one of the most influential owners, but he really is:

SBJ: The most influential people in the NFL. (
5. Jerry Richardson, owner, Carolina Panthers Health issues briefly sidelined the "Big Cat," but he’s back in a big way. As co-chair of the league’s labor negotiating committee, Richardson is the top voice among the owners on labor, and it’s no secret he is pushing for a hard line against the players. He works to understand different points of view, but comes at this with a clear midmarket philosophy. He’s extremely respected by his peers — he’s the E.F. Hutton, when he speaks, people listen.

 A couple audio clips from WFNZ. The Steve Reed portion was particularly interesting to me:

Primetime: Even Foxy is Confused. (
9-14-10 Hour 2- We take your calls on how the Panthers will fair this weekend with the possibilty of Jimmy Clausen being the starting quarterback.

Primetime: You’re My Boy Blue… (
9-14-10 Hour 1- With Steve Reed from co-hosting we break down this past weekends game with Big Blue in New York.

The first fantasy-related article I've seen from

Strickly Panthers: Kasay a fantasy option. (
Panthers kicker John Kasay tallied 10 points to earn a share of the NFL lead in scoring among kickers. To boot, Kasay's 52-yarder certainly qualified for bonus points in some scoring systems. So is it time to pick up Kasay, a free agent in many leagues, and cut ties with Saints kicker Garrett Hartley or the like? Yes. And no.

 I also believe this whole situation was money related. I am glad to have Lloyd back:

Lloyd returns to Panthers to handle kickoffs. (
Lloyd spent two successful seasons with the Panthers, including leading the league in touchbacks in 2008 with 30. Last season, he placed 41-of-72 kickoffs in the end zone, with 21 touchbacks. The Panthers decided against paying him $1.01 million as a restricted free agent this past offseason and let him walk in free agency. He signed with Minnesota, but didn't make the final roster because the Vikings had to keep extra defensive backs due to injuries. Lloyd will make $512,941 over the final 16 weeks of the season.

 Fantasy football link of the day:


2010 Quick Reads: Week 1. (
It's hard to get much worse than Moore's final four dropbacks: Interception on the opposition's four-yard line, interception on the opposition's 11-yard line, stripsack, stripsack. Yeesh. Alex Barron didn't even hold four plays in a row.

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