What more can you say?

Who told Davidson he was creative?

Who told Marshall he could be a corner?

What the hell? Jordan was gross.

What the hell was wrong with our offensive (LET Matt get his but whipped all day) line?

AGAIN, What the hell is wrong w Davidson?

Y, we call passing plays in the red zone?

Y, couldn't we protect, block, or tackle much of the game?

Y, does Davidson still have a job.

I am sorry most of this has been talked about, my computer was down. I had to post though.

Y, if you call a spade a spade you not a real fan. I think the problem is, people need to face reality. We have saw these kind of games for years. I AS A REAL FAN, AM TIRRRRREEEDDDD OF IT!!!!!

We need to inject some Smitty and Beason into the rest of the team. This team showed no heart once again. The Chiefs showed last night how you play with rookies. They were on fire last night, I am tired of our team lacking that. It's not just 1 game, 2 games, 50 games, it's alot of times/games over the years. I said it before I say it again, it's not the size of the dog in the fight, its the fight in the dog.

Rather we experimenting, re-building, re-tooling whatever. This is the NFL you come big, or STAY HOME!!! If a team is hungry we can win. How bad do you want it? It looks like the team just said, lets get this over with. No adjustments what so ever in the second half. They went in at half time beat their chest bc they were up and then came back out and got stomped like some roaches. My heart can not take any more interceptions, especially in the red zone... Matt looked like he had Jakeitis, please let that pass. I wanna be able to cheer for my team, but I am tired of the pussy footing. We have had games like this too often. Stevie Wonder blind, and could see that the Giants were not going to just go away, he could see that its going to be on in the second half.  Enough with the lets protect the lead way of thinking. Whooo, we were only up by two(yes cats, take the day off) Are u serious?

Jaxon, I think we do need my daughter. Let me see if I can pull her away from her play dough to see if she can cook us up some plays, DAVIDSON HAS GOT TO GO!!! PLEASE. I paid a lot of money for my tickets, I could have saved that money and bought a new lace front, ya are killing me.

Please SAVE THE EXCUSES, we have a problem here. I want the best possible product on the field for my money. Half glass full way of thinking is getting old. We could have put Independence High out there in the second half. I got 25 girlfriends we are ready to go. Thats why Jenkins left, thats why Peppers wanted to leave. please.


I really only see us winning 4 games if that this year, what do you guys think? How many wins will we rack up?

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