Even The Best Of Them Have Bad(ok terrible) Games

The Case for Matt Moore to start again


Alright first post ever here. So first and foremost I apologize if A)I've broken some rule B) I've done a poor job on my first post C) for making any grammar/spelling mistakes D) if it's not aesthetically appeasing. But I digress;

I want to make a case for Moore to get another job to start and with the hope that the fanbase will give him a fair chance. There's an old saying when it comes to football, "the backup qb is the most popular player on the team" and obviously it applies to the Panthers this year(and the past 4 also).  I think that Moore deserves a chance to regain his past glory. If Moore had played this poorly when he took over last year then Car would've been 5-11 or 6-10 and I think the lining would've been less silver headed into this year.

So I thought "What would be the best way to exemplify that Moore deserves another chance?" Well maybe I should compare his peformance to other qbs and show that even the great ones have bad(terrible) games. So without further ado.


Peyton Manning

2001 vs Dolphins 19-of-32 passes for 173 yards and 3 INTs, with the picks leading to 21 Miami points. 

2003-04 vs Patriots(AFC Championship) 23-of-37 for 237 yards with 1 TD and 4 INTs

2007 vs Chargers 34-56, 328 yds, 2 tds 6ints, 1 in the redzone, 3 in SD territory


Drew Brees

2003 vs Dolphins (2nd yr as starter) 19-of-30 for 190 yards 3int, 2 of first 4 tosses were picks

2007 vs Titans The Saints trailed 17-14 going into the fourth quarter before Brees turned into a turnover machine. He was sacked and fumbled on the first play of the quarter, and finished the next three drives with interceptions, one of which was returned for a TD. Brees ended up 29-of-45 for 225 yards and 4 INTs (somewhat familar)

2007 opener vs Colts (on the road in a hostile enviro) throttled 31-0 in the second half. The lone TD was scored by the defense and Brees finished 28-of-41 for 192 yards, with 2 INTs and a fumble


I saved who I thought was the most significant for last. A lanky late draft pick that know one thought was going to do anything. I also only took the games early in his career.

Tom Brady

2001 vs Broncos 4int in second half(how many fans wanted Drew Bledsoe back after this)

2002 vs Packers 3int(1st year as undisputed starter)

2003 vs Bills 4ints This was the opener of the Patriots second Super Bowl season. Lost 31-0. Who would've bet that the Pats would've turned it around after this. How many Pat fans were crying for another qb? The Pats drafted a qb in the 4th round the previous April and he was probably the most popular player in New England that week.

Brady has thrown 4ints a few more times. Please take time to look at the link. They show how Brady responded the following week and it was almost always a polar opposite. Lets see how Moore respondes.


So that's my case for Matt Moore. Even great qbs have bad games. Prior to the past game Moore had played great, like he belonged. I'm not saying Moore is great qb(though I hope he his) but he has only started 9 games. He's going to have some bad games, they all do. I know it can be hard at times but if Moore plays this weekend and you go to the game please stand behind him and give him another chance. I think he deserves it.


So ends my first fanpost. I hope no one comes away thinking it was a waste to time and maybe took something away from it. If you're headed to game have fun and cheer loud, not all of us can make it( I live in Arizona).

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