Panthers vs. Giants: 2ND Half Play-by-Play - Offense

We didn't see the ball in the 3rd Quarter til the 8:56 mark.  here's what happened in the second half...




Series #8  (after a KR by 33 to our 27 was set back to the 11, due to a Holding penalty on 53/JWilliams)  It started to rain as the second half began.

Q3, 8:56, 1and10, C11.  A run by 34 gains 2.

2and8, C13.   4WR set, with 11 and 47 L, 88 and 89 R.A pass to 11/LaFell is incomplete.  LaFell makes no push on his route to move the CB back, and uses no break - his lazy, uncrisp circle route is obviously setting up the CB to jump the route, and seeing this, Moore throws OOB, over his head.  This kind of route-running could work for a back out of the backfield, or a TE, coming off a brush block, but it won't ever gain separation from an NFL CB.

3and8, C13.  Nice formation here.  3WRs, 11 L, 89 and 80 R, with 88 and 42 in a full house backfield, 3 in SG.  As they rush 4, 88 circles out to the right flat, and catches a wide open pass, picking up 10, for a FD.  This FH backfield comes into play again with 33 doing the receiving.  Look for this in the future.  When you see us line up, not in the I, but with 2 RBs flanking the QB, expect a toss to one of them.

1and10, C23.  An audible ("Reno, reno") by Moore, and a handoff to 34, the lone setback.  It gains nothing, as 74/Schwartz fails to see his DE assignment, Tuck, right in front of him, and allows Tuck to stop 34 in his tracks.  This will not be the only time 74 misses like this.

2and10, C23.  Another rush by 34 gains 2.

3and8, C25.  They show 8 in the box, we're in a bunch formation, with 3 UC, 42 and 34 in an I.  They only rush 4, and Moore is well protected, takes a 7 step drop, and quickly fires a strike to 89 at the 46, who then gains another 7 YAC.  Result: a 28 yd FD.

1and10, NY47.  A run by 34, off LT loses a yd, as 69/Gross fails to sustain a block on Kiwanuka.

2and11, NY48.  A good pass to 89 in the left flat is incomplete, dropped by Smith, who made the rare mistake of looking upfield before he'd secured the ball.

3and11, NY 48.  4WR set, 80 and 89 L, 88 and 11 R.  33 is the lone back, replacing 34.  This was a well-setup screen for 33, but the pass was batted down by the rush.  We punt.

Series #9   (after a Giants' TD puts us down 16-24, Goodson returns the KO to our 35)  It's now been raining hard for over 5 minutes, and the pellets on the turf are starting to dislodge in volume.

Q3, 1:35, 1and10, C35.  Prior to this series, Moore has enjoyed good pass protection, but now it starts to break down.  And from a usually reliable player, 67/Kalil.  He totally misses his block on their DT 96/Cofield, who sacks Moore for a 10 yd loss.  Moore is hit within 2 seconds of taking the snap, and has no chance to evade the rush up the middle.

2and20, C25.  Again Kalil whiffs on Canfield, and this time Moore barely escapes a second sack, managing somehow to throw it OOB, while in a horizontal position.

3and20, C25.  From the SG, Moore completes a screen pass to 33, but it only gains 5.  We're forced to punt, after a 3 and out.

Series #10    (now down 16-31, the 4th quarter is underway.)

Q4, 11:25, 1and10, C20.  4WRs again, #3 in SG.  They rush 5, with Moore having to scramble to avoid a sack from Tuck, who gets around 74/Schwartz with ease.  Halfway to the ground, Moore throws OOB.

It's obvious that a mighty sea change has occurred in the line play dynamic between their DL and our OL.  Until the previous series, we protected well, and Moore was not threatened by pressure.  Was it the rain?  Doubtful.  Was it fatigue?  Doubtful.  More likely it was the energized attitude the Giants pass rusher had, after getting and then expanding their lead - and the confidence they had that we'd have to pass, so they no longer respected the run.  But that doesn't explain to me why our blocking broke down so badly, and so often.  I'll attempt to identify the culprits, as they continue to endanger Moore's health with their shoddy protection.

2and10, C20.  67/Kalil once more whiffs on his block, DT Kiwanuka getting another sudden sack.  There's no escape from an unblocked, aggressive DT.  An 8 yd loss.

3and18, C12.  Get yourself up; brush yourself off, that's what Moore does.  From the SG, again under a heavy rush, he fires a strike to 80/Jarrett, for a FD of 22 yds.  First catch by 80.

1and10, C34.  An accurate pass to 11/KLaFell goes right through his hands, incomplete.

2and10, C34.  From the SG, 3 again throws to 11, 30 yds down the left sideline.  The announcer incorrectly says it's hard to defend "the underthrown deep ball" - the pass was not underthrown; it landed incomplete, a yard past the WR and the CB, who were jostling.  Once more, LaFell pulled up, instead of continuing to run his route.  Had he done so, the pass would've hit him in stride.  It looked like DPI, but got no flag.

3and10, C34.  Moore thinks, no more LaFell, let's try Jarrett again.  So he connects with him for another 20 yds, and another 3rd down conversion, for another FD.  This was out of a full house backfield set, but 3 went downfield.  I like the variation.  Side note: great blitz pickup block by 33.  This ability to block will gain him more reps.

1and10, NY47.  4WRs, 3 in the SG.  Moore spots 11 open on the ledft, and hits him for yet another FD, 14 yds.

1and10, NY33.  Another pass completed to 88 for 5.

2and5, NY29.  Long lob down the rt sideline, intended for 80, but well defended, and knocked down incomplete.  Here the announcers again denounce Moore for lobs, but I recall this has worked for TDs last year, when our WRs had 1 on 1 coverage.  It doesn't when they're in a deep zone, as the Giants' Safeties were all day.

3and5, NY29.  A pass to 11 at the goal line is incomplete, but because of DPI, and a flag is thrown.  I've looked at this play several times, and think it should've been spotted at the 1, but the refs spotted it at the the 4, and that eventually made a big difference.  Had it been at the one, the OC would've probably punched it in with runs, but - probably because Moore had completed 4 passes already on this drive - he stuck with pass calls.  Big mistake on his part, and it might have cost us the game.  A TD here would have drawn us to within 8, and we had a lot more chances to come, with their scoring finished.

1andGoal, NY4.  Incomplete pass to 89, defended well in the EZ.  Moore didn't see him, but 80/Jarrett was open in the back of the EZ, streaking right to left.  Good to see that 80 wasn't just standing around; he tried to keep the play alive.  Study in the film room should bring this to the attention of the staff, for future use.  Watch for it this week.

2andGoal, NY4.  Incomplete pass to 11, same spot, this time too low to catch.  33 was the lone back in, but he goes out with a poke in the eye, to return later.

3andGoal, NY4.  28 now in, replacing 33.  3 WRs, 11 L, 80 and 89 R, with 28 circling out of the backfield to go out as well.  From UC, Moore makes an ill-advised throw, trying to reach 89 in the back rt of the EZ, but again he's double covered, and it's intercepted.  This pass was another floater, and he's got to learn the only place for such a pass is in the open field, against single coverage.

Series #11   (after the INT by Godfrey gives us yet another chance)

Q4, 6:58. 1and10, NY12.  28 runs for a yard.

2and9, NY 11.  Moore bootlegs rt, with the entire line pulling left.  28 was the only back, and he leaks out ahead to the right.  While this is gong on, 82/Barnidge, who'd set up as the TE on the left side, brushes his block and runs to the right side of the EZ, the primary target.  Bad things happen.  Moore could've completed easily to 28, ahead of him, and maybe he could've gotten it in the EZ, but he had eyes for 82.  As he tried to get set up to pass, his foot slipped on the wet turf, and he almost went down.  He got the pass off, but off his back foot, with nothing on it, and by now, Barnidge was covered by 2 defenders, and the pass was again intercepted.  Another golden opportunity wasted.

Series #12   (amazing that we got yet another chance, but after Hardy's block of a NY punt scored us 2 on a Safety, we got it back again, now down 18-31.)

Q4, 3:50, 1and10, C39.   73/MacBern misses his block, and another instant sack, from the middle, hits Moore within 1 ½ seconds of taking the snap.  He fumbles it, his head hitting the turf hard.

Series #13    (after the turnover parade continues, with Hardy forcing a fumble, recovered by 23/SMartin.)

I'm going to note here that Greg Hardy has to see more minutes at DE.  He lined up at RDE, and forced a fumble from a runner who'd passed the LOS on the opposite side of the field.  This is intense effort, when a lot of players would have mailed it in, seeing this was a losing effort, seeing their offense couldn't hold onto the ball, seeing the game was out of hand.  But just as he had when he blocked a punt for a Safety, 2 minutes before, he makes a big play.  He, along with Dan Connor and Travelle Wharton, shares no part of the blame for this loss.

Q4, 2:38, C10.  Moore drops back to his goal line to pass, but is immediately sacked form the blind side, as 69/Gross whiffs on his block.  Moore fumbles, Gross hustles to recover at the 3, but Moore is out with a concussion, and is next seen on the sideline, vomiting and dazed.

2and17, C3.  Clausen is in at QB and for the next 2 plays, scrambles for his life in his EZ, eventually throwing 2 passes away to avoid his own sacks.  We punt and they kneel.

If you re-read all this, you'll see who the goats are, and to me, it isn't Matt Moore.  Sure he threw into coverage in the Red Zone, and that's on him.  But it's also on the OC for putting him in a position to fail.  Our identity as a run first team should have been adhered to.  He made plenty of good passes, enough to convince me he's got the stuff to be a winner.  But he's got to have better protection - any QB would.

I'll be glad if this evokes any comments.  I hope I saw some things you might have missed, in the rush of the play.  I hope the coaches see them, too, so they can correct them.

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