Questions for the guys who watched practices...

or have had more time than I have to browse other sites. 

It's not hard to glean from the excellent practice coverage we've had here that Kenny Moore and Lafell are having a great camp.  Same for Matt Moore and all the tight ends.  Clausen looks good but not challenging Moore in any way.  Edwards has flashed, but shown some growing pains... he'll get there.  Gettis has made some plays, but is on the bubble.. typical rookie WR mistakes.  In short, we've heard plenty about the passing game, and way, way, too much about Jarrett.
We know what we have with double trouble.  They're obviously trying new things on the o-line, but we're set there once Otah gets back.  MacBern probably wins the RG battle, and Schwartz and the Duker are showing we have good depth with flexibility. 
Defensively, our secondary is making plays, even the rookies (McClain, Stanford, Pugh) are showing well.  Beason is great, of course.  Hardy has really shown up big, drawing comparisons to the Bears' new DE.  E. Brown and Norwood have gotten good reviews.  Inside, Ed Johnson has been surprisingly effective and will either start or provide good depth (along with Corvey Irvin) behind Leonard and Tank. 

And so we come to my questions:

1)  Where is Charles Johnson?  Is he in the tent or on the field?  He's one of our supposed breakout players this season, and I can't remember reading a word about him.  Haven't heard a lot from Brayton either.

2)  Is Connor looking like a good Mike?  I don't care if he got yelled at for tripping during a footwork drill.  How'd he look during goal line drills?  Does he look focussed, or lost out there?

3) Same as above for James AndersonJamar Williams?  Are they making any plays, looking better against run vs. pass (or vice versa)?

4) Offense or Defense?  Who's ahead in you opinion?

5) Is Smoothie the kicker reaching the end zone consistently?  Or, at least inside the 5 with good hang time?  Has he tried any long field goals?

6) Special Teams - Probably hard to evaluate, but can you see anything special from Francisco, et al on the coverage and return teams.  Is any KR or PR separating from the others.

Any other general impressions that don't have to do with DJ would be most welcome.  For those of you that were in attendance, I'm envious, but glad for you and very appreciative of all the updates. 

And for those attending future practices, if you wouldn't mind taking an occasional glimpse at these guys and replying here, I know I would be grateful. 

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