Updated: Current Carolina Panthers Defensive Roster 2010

The next roster deadline is August 31 when the current roster has to be trimmed to 75 players. With training camp well underway, I figured it was about time to update the roster with projected depth. At this point there is still a lot of movement expected but we are getting a good feel for most of the positions.

Proj. Depth # Name Age Yrs
1 30 Charles Godfrey 24 2
1 23 Sherrod Martin 25 1
2 21 Aaron Francisco 27 5
2 25 Marcus Hudson 27 4
3 29 Jordan Pugh 22 R

When I first posted the defensive roster Chris Harris was still on the team and I made noted that Martin wasn't listed here despite how well he played. It turns out Fox agreed and moved him to safety. Also at that time we only had two listed at the safety position. Of course with the larger roster size we have room for a few more. Aaron Francisco and Marcus Hudson were both brought in for special teams, but so far in camp Jordan Pugh has also show promise. It will be interesting to see who get cut from this group as ideally I like them all to stay.

Proj. Depth # Name Age Yrs
1 20 Chris Gamble 27 6
1 31 Richard Marshall 25 4
3 41 Captain Munnerlyn 21 1
4 32 Brian Witherspoon 25 2
5 36 Robert McClain 22 R
5 35 R.J. Stanford 22 R
6 27 C.J. Wilson 24 3

Of note is originally Marcus Hudson was listed as a CB on the Panthers website, but was moved to safety. The top 3 guys are assured a roster spot but nobody else is afforded that luxury. Brian Witherspoon was also brought in to help with special teams. Out of all of these I believe we seen the last of Wilson, just to many new faces and needs on special teams.

Last year we had 9 defensive back and I think we'll go with that again. 

More after the jump...

Proj. Depth # Name Age Yrs
1 52 Jon Beason 25 3
1 55 Dan Connor 24 2
1 50 James Anderson 26 4
4 LB/DE 92 Eric Norwood 22 R
4 53 Jamar Williams 26 4
6 57 Jordan Senn 25 3
6 56 Quinton Culberson 24 4
8 54 Mortty Ivy 23 1
8 49 Sean Ware 23 R
* 58 Thomas Davis 26 6

With Thomas Davis looking very unlikely to play this season, the starting line-up sure has changed. Beason, Connor, Anderson, and Williams will make the team and I suspect Davis will be placed on IR. Last year we ended the season with 7 LB on the active roster (plus two on IR and none of the practice squad). Its hard to imagine starting with less than seven active again. Once we get past the obvious choices however, I'm having a hard time deciding who will be the odd men out, but my gut tells me Ware and Ivy.

It should also be noted that the Panthers roster currently list Norwood as both an DE and LB, so that could determine how many total LB or DE we keep. 

Defensive Tackle
Proj. Depth # Name Age Yrs
1 93 Tank Tyler 26 3
1 94 Louis Leonard 25 3
3 60 Corey Irvin 24 1*
4 99 Ed Johnson 26 3
5 61 Derek Landri 26 4
6 98 Nick Hayden 24 2
7 68 Andre Neblett 22 R

*Corey Irvin was placed on IR before the season began in 2009, so 1 year experience is misleading.

The only change to the DT was the addition of Andre Neblett and I haven't seen anything solid enough to think the depth chart would be much different since we first reviewed it. Its going to be a pretty solid rotation anyway. We ended 2009 with four active DT and four DT on IR. This could be one area they try to stock an extra player and go with five but I'm not sold on that idea. Either way I think the depth is pretty close on this one.

Defensive End
Proj. Depth # Name Age Yrs
1 96 Tyler Brayton 30 7
1 95 Charles Johnson
3 91 Everette Brown 22 1
3 76 Greg Hardy 22 R
4 97 Hilee Taylor 23 2
4 66 Eric Moore

The first time I posted our defensive roster our defensive ends where Everette Brown, Charles Johnson, Hilee Taylor, and Eric Moore. Our options have definitely improved. With Brayton returning and the prospect of Hardy developing quickly the DE position doesn't have such a large question mark about them. Yes still concerned about the DL in general but only because they haven't been able to show what they can do on the field, but I think they will hold their own. Again going back to last year we had 5 active on the roster and Eric Moore on the practice squad. This will be the end for either Moore or Taylor and possibly both and I give the edge to Taylor as he was actually active last year and Moore being on the PS. However, there is on additional factor in that again Eric Norwood is listed as both DE & LB and they could have him play both roles saving a roster spot for another position.

So what is everyones take on the current defensive lineup and who will make the final roster?

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