Position by Position Analysis

Sort of like they do in the Roar:


We have two quality guys in Moore, Clausen, another has a great arm and potential to be a starter, Cantwell, and then Pike is unproven. Now given that Pike has thrown one ball all preseason, his value to our team is 0 out of 100. Yes he has good size and did well at college level, but he needs experience, and he doesn't know the speed of the NFL.



I say we end up cutting Pike, pending he doesn't dazzle vs. Steelers... however, if Cantwell doesn't dazzle vs Steelers I say we cut him as well. (Why, you may ask)... last time I checked we have Armanti Edwards.

Try to stash Cantwell on the PS


.. and if he does bad vs Steelers not as many teams will jump for him.

I think that this team needs an offensive leader. We have a bunch of stars with leadership, but no one to look up to. Smith is making his way up the ladder. The last thing we need, since we're so young, is a QB Controversy. However, I think Clausen can get it done in the NFL.

If Moore struggles the first or second game I expect Clausen to try to take over. As long as we have the best QB on the field, I could care less.

My QB's are:

1) Moore(Opening Day Starter)


3) Cantwell(PS) or Emergency- Edwards


Running Back:

After Mike Goodson's great performance last night, I questioned why do we need Tyrell Sutton. But I answered with a good STeamer. I think Sutton is going to be on the bubble. He's gonna get a bunch of carries Thursday, and its his job to lose.

Goodson's a hot head, which is ok, as long as he doesn't get any penalties; he was punching guy on the ground, and then the next play he takes it to the outside for 30 yards.

Stewart and Williams are gonna beast cause they're amazing. Fiametta, i don't think hes that great, but thats who we have.

Wide Reciever:

Armanti Edwards - 4.4

David Gettis 4.5

Brandon Lafell- 4.55

Trent Guy -4.5

We're going young and fast, so who cares if we have lots of WR's. Steve Smith is monster. Lafell is inconsistent, but he's no Keary Colbert. Jarrett, seems to be improving, but its been 5 years already.. Moore has taken off with Smith as mentor, has good hands. Gettis- I see him being our inactive WR.{{{{{scratch that, i think we put him on the practice squad, open up a spot for Trent Guy}}}}. don't think we'll see him opening day. Charly Martin- great STer, i've been watching him, and he's been impressive tackling with some force. Wallace Wright- i think his playing time is an excuse for our only FA signing. Trent Guy- should be our Kick Returner. he had trouble returning punts in beginning. Dexter jackson makes me mad, i thought we had a steal when we got him

WR- Smith, Jarrett, LaFell, Edwards, Moore, Martin(ST), Gettis(Inactive), Guy(KR)

TE- You know the drill, King should be starter, Rosario should be starter, Barnidge could be the starter.

King, Rosario, Barnidge.

OL- Great Pass Protection last night, compared to Jets.. struggled running the ball, though.. got to fix that. idk if Otah will be back by opening day

Gross, Wharton, Kalil, Berneadu, Schwartz, Robinson, Williams, Otah(PUP)

DL- TALENT TALENT TALENT.. WE lead league in sacks and defense.. good job I think we start Brown and Brayton but have Johnson and Hardy substiute in during game with Moore as backup. Defensive Tackle- wise, they're all good, but who do we cut???

Brayton, Tyler, Leonard, Brown, Johnson, Hardy, Landri, Johnson, Moore

LB- Thomas Davis isnt on IR yet.. if we do good, he could come back, but ive been impressed with Connor.. i think he'll take over for Anderson if he comes back.. Jamar Williams came back and had a decent night.. didnt see as much as i wanted to from Norwood but hes a keeper

Anderson, Connor, Beason, Williams, Norwood, Senn, Davis (PUP)


DB- Passing game is impressive despite no new additions, i feel comfortable when we drop back in zone. 8th in league on 3rd down conversions.

Gamble, Marshall, Munnerlyn,  Witherspoon, Wilson(bubble), McClain, Stanford(PS)

Martin, Godfrey, Hudson, Pugh

ST- Kasay missed a FG.. Baker hit 75 Yards!!, Carter isn't consistent or deep enough but i don't want to mess those guys up.

Kasay, Baker, Carter, Jansen?

Im at 54 without counting Davis or Otah, and only two healthy OL backups.. who else to cut?

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