Play-by-Play Summary of the Titans game - Offense Grades First

I'll put this out in the same format as last week, and hope that Jaxon or James will be good enough to favor it with their usual fine choice of pix.  Any other editorial help will be appreciated.



We had 13 Offensive Series this game (including one which was just a 2-point conversion attempt, after Mike Goodson's KO return for TD.


Series #1:

Q1, 12:49, 1and10, Car 23.  This series began with 15/Wright and 80/Jarrett as the WR's, and the OL was 69, 70, 67, 73, and 74, the usual starters in Jeff Otah's absence.  34/DeAngelo Williams ran for no gain.

12:17, 2and10, Car 23.  Another rush by 34/Wms, this for a 2 yd loss.

11:38, 3and12, Car 21.  First Down pass from 3/Matt Moore to 88/Dante Rosario, for 13, vs a 4-man rush.  Moore was UC (under center, and I'll show where our QB's were there, or in the SG)  Note that this throw was nicely timed, as the ball left Moore's hands while 88 still had 5 yds left in this route, and before he turned around.

10:55, 1and10, Car 34, UC.  WR's 15 and 80 were both split left, with 47/King the TE to the right; 34 and 42 in the backfield.  A swing pass right, to 34/Wms gains 6 yds.

10:12, 2and4, Car40.  88 and 47 are both set left, with 80 wide left and 15 to the right, 34 the lone set-back.  88 shifts to the FB spot, and blocks as the handoff goes to 34/Wms, off LT, for a gain of 7, picking up another FD.  An ankle tackle by their S 24/Hope saves this from going the distance.

9:34, 1and10, Car 47, UC.  4-man rush.  Although 74/Schwartz misses his block, allowing pressure on the QB, the throw is complete to 15/Wallace Wright for 11, and another FD.  This is a good catch on the left sideline, Wright getting both feet in, before going OOB.

8:58, 1and10, Tenn 42.  Run by 22/Tyrell Sutton for no gain.

8:20, 2and10, Tenn 42.  UC.  Deep ball from Moore, 50 yds in the air, to 80/Jarrett, at the goal line.  The pass in INC, as it's overthrown by 2 yds.  Encouraging that Jarrett can beat his man deep, though, and worth considering for the future.

8:11, 3and10, Tenn 42.  SG.  WR's are 15, 80, and 84/Trent Guy in the slot.  74/Schwartz whiffed on his man again, bringing pressure on Moore, who has to scramble, and go to his checkdown, 88/Rosario, but he is tackled immediately, for no gain.  After a false start on 59/Nic Harris, in to block for the punter, sets us back to their 47, we punt.


Series #2:

2:40 - 1:38, starting at our 2, backed up after a PR snafu, we go 3 and out (1 yd run by 34/Wms, incomplete pass on a drop by 42/Fiammetta, and an 8 yd sweep by 34/Wms, coming up a yd short of a FD.  This is where Jason Baker unloads on a 74 yd punt, with no runback!


Series #3:

2Q, 14:13, 1and10, Car 20.  UC.  Moore rolls right, but under pressure from DT/75, makes a bad throw, intended for 47/King.

14:08, 2and10, Car 20.  UC.  TE's 47 and 88 shift to the right; 81/KMoore and 11 are split; 34 the lone back.  Pass is complete to 81/KMoore for 8 yds, on the smoke route.

13:29, 3and2, Car28.  UC.  Pass to 11/LaFell is short and right, uncatchable.  Another 3 and out.  We punt again.


Series #4:

2Q, 11:03, 1and10, Car 23.  Another 3 and out, after the thunderous ovation from the crowd, as Trent Guy successfully hauls in the Fair Catch.  The first 2 plays are runs by 34 and 42, which net 2 yds, then on 3rd down, with 4 WR's in, from the SG, Moore hands off to 33/Goodson, on a draw, and it loses the 2 we'd gained.  Punt.


Series #5:

2Q, 7:53, 1and10, Car 11.  UC.  A pass in the right flat to 42/Fiammetta, brings a DPI call, which nets 3 yds.

7:48, 1and10, Car 14.  A run to the right by 34/Wms gains nothing.

7:09, 2and10, Car 14.  UC.  A pass to 47/King is well-defended by the CB, INC.

7:04, 3and10, Car 14.  SG.  6-man rush, a rare blitz by the Titans.  A good out route by 11/LaFell, with the throw right on his fingertips, at the 31, would have been a FD, but he fails to haul it in.  The announcers talk about how his hands are his drawback.  We punt, but not before a 5-yd false start penalty on 54/Mortty Ivy, in to block.


Series #6:  (after a punt fumble recovery: caused by 22/Sutton, with a vicious hit; the recovery by 53/Jamar Williams, in for his first game.)

2Q, 6:43, 1and10, Tenn 45.  Discouraging 3 and out, after the turnover, as 2 runs by 34/Wms gain nothing, and on 3and10, Moore completes to 80/Jarrett (SG), vs a 4-man rush, for only 4 yds.  Moore had time to throw elsewhere, but appeared to be intent to get it to Jarrett.  Punt again.


Series #7:  (This is a good, 10-play drive, covering 60 yds, which ends in a fumble)  Also I'd note that 84/Trent Guy made a nifty 15 yd punt return, only to see it nullified by a DH on 53/Jamar Wms.  This will not appear in the game log for Guy, but he showed some speed.

2Q, 2:31, 1and10, Car 26.  UC.  Moore got happy feet on this one, taking a long time to find 88/Rosario down the field, under no particular pressure from a 4-man rush.  By the time he threw it, Rosario was triple covered, and the pass fell incomplete, thanks to 88's defensive ability.  The WR's in on the set were 12/Gettis and 15/Wright.

2:20, 2and10, Car 26.  33/Goodson runs off tackle for no gain.

2:00, 3and10, Car 26.  SG.  3-man rush.  Moore goes back to 88/Rosario with a beauty, over the middle on a deep slant, for 24 yds, hitting him in stride.  FD.

1:35, 1and10, midfield.  SG.  4 WR's in (84/Guy and 82/Barnidge split), the pass to 82/Gettis is inc.  The pass was there, but it was broken up, as it hit the WR's hands.

1:29, 2and10, midfield.  SG.  Complete to 84/Guy on a slant, for 7.

1:08, 3and3, Tenn 43.  SG.  WR's are now 12, 15, 82, and 11/LaFell.  Complete for a FD to 12/Gettis, who was hit hard, but this time held on, for a gain of 6.  Tine Out called.

1:00, 1and10, Tenn 37.  UC.  4 WR's, 3 to the left side, 4 man rush.  73/MacBern misses his block at RG allowing blind side pressure on Moore (as he's throwing left),  but he gets the ball out just before being hit.  The pass is slightly overthrown to 12/Gettis, and is INC.  At this point, Moore is 9 for 18, 82 yds.

0:54, 2and10, Tenn 37.  UC.  Under a 6-man blitz, the pass is batted down at the line, as 73/MacBern allows his man to get his hands up.  Moore is flattened hard.

0:52, 3and10, Tenn 37.  SG.  4 WR's.  A great diving, rolling, one-hand catch by 11/LaFell, for a FD.  Time Out is quickly called by LaFell, a savvy WR move.  He didn't waste time celebrating, he just went about his business.

0:41, 1and10, Tenn 16.  In the Red Zone at last, and running a nice 2-minute drill on a good drive, it all comes to naught.  SG.  4-man rush, 4 WR's, 3 split right.  Moore goes to 82/Barnidge in the EZ, but a DPI flag is thrown, and then picked up, as apparently, the refs thought the pass was too high, and uncatchable.

0:39, 2and10, Tenn 16.  UC.  4-man rush.  Moore's pass is complete at the 9, to 15/Wright, but he tries to make a move, and fumbles, picked up by the Titans.  Moore is 11 for 22, for 104, in the first half.


Series #8:  (after a great 37-yd KO return by 84/Guy)

3Q, 14:52, 1and 10, Car 36.  22/Sutton runs for 2.

14:15, 2and8, Car 38.  UC.  4-man rush.  Moore steps up in the pocket to avoid pressure, and throws to 11/LaFell, but they're on different pages, as Moore throws the out, and LaFell breaks in.  I'd have to call this on LaFell, as the QB usually knows where he's throwing it.  Incomplete.

14:10, 3and8,  Car 38.  SG.  Complete to 10/Armanti Edwards, for 7, 1 yd short of a FD.  This the play that Moore wants to go for it (and the way our D had been holding them, I'd agree), but we punt.


Series #9:  (after another 3 and out by our D, we field their punt at our 37, but are backed up by another ST penalty, this for a block in the back by 54/Ivy.)

3Q, 11:31, Car 26.  UC.  4-man rush, good blocking up front, Moore is unhurried and delivers a strike to 12/Gettis for 19 yds and a FD.  Gettis ran an especially good, double-move route to get open.  Big points for him, as he holds on, after a good hit.

10:55, 1and10, Car 45.  A rare penalty on  them (offsides) yields us 5.

10:28, 1and5, midfield.  UC.  20 yds, play-action screen pass to 22/Sutton gains 20.  Great YAC for Sutton.  This is a good call by Davidson, as we would've run it with 5 to go, in the past.

9:55, 1and10, Tenn 30.  Good spinning run, off tackle, by 33/Goodson, for 5.

9:17, 2and5, Tenn 25.  UC. 4-man rush, not finding 2 receivers open, Moore scrambles, and runs OOB for no gain (or loss).

8:38, 3and5, Tenn 25.  SG.  4-man rush.  Moore throws way over the head of  81/KMoore, and we kick a 43 yd FG, to go up 3-0.


Series #10:

3Q, 4:05, 1and10, Car 30.  UC.  WR's are 10/Edwards and 80/Jarrett, with 2 TE's.  Pass to 10/Edwards complete for 6.

3:43, 2and 4, Car 36.  UC.  Another 6 yd completion to 10/Edwards, this on the Smitty smoke route, featuring a nice juke and stiff-arm by Edwards.  FD.

3:18, 1and10, Car 41.  Rush for 5 by 22/Sutton, he comes out with a ding to his shoulder.

2:55, 2and5, Car 46.  UC.  5-man rush.  Incomplete pass is batted down at the line.

2:42, 3and5, Car 46.  SG.  5-man rush, pass complete to 11/LaFell at midfield, he gets good YAC, and takes it to the Tenn 43, for a FD.

1:58, 1and10, Tenn 43.  33/Goodson cuts it to the outside, and makes a nice run to their 16, for 27 yds.  Gotta give a shout out to 74/Schwartz, who made a great block to open the hole.

1:09, 1and10, Tenn 16.  Again in the Red Zone, we stutter.  Gross is called for a Hold.  Call looked suspicious to me, as his man fell down and started pointing like a baby sibling.  Mama, he did it.

:43, 1and20, Tenn 26.  UC.  4-man rush.  Play-action, delayed screen, well-run by all on the field.  33/Goodson takes it for 18 yds, to the 8.  Fine downfield blocks by 70/Wharton, 67/Kalil, 73/MacBern, who all pull, and by 88/Rosario and 10/Edwards further downfield.  Mark this play as a keeper.

0:09, 2and2, Tenn 8.  Here I've gotta suspect that if Double Trouble had been in, we may have done better, but it was time to check out 40/Josh Vaughn, and he came up short, losing yds, as the quarter ended.

4Q, 15:00, 3and4, Tenn 10.  UC.  4 man rush, but the pass is batted down by their DT, as 67/Kalil doesn't get him down.  We have to settle for a FG, to go up 6-0.


Series #11:

(after a KO return by 33/Goodson, for a TD, this "series" is really only a 2-point conversion attempt, with #2/Jimmy Clausen in at QB.  40/Vaughn gets another chance, and again, he comes up short.  No XPs.


Series #12:  (after an INT by our 32/Brian Witherspoon, 2/Clausen is in at QB for the rest of the game.)

4Q, 11:05, 1and10, Tenn 23.  False start by 64/Petitti, and the RG,  sets us back.  It appears that this one could have been caused by Clausen's coming up from under center, after already audibleing on the play.  But who knows?

11:05, 1and15, Tenn 28,   A run by 40/Vaughn loses 5.  Can't expect him to make the roster this way.

10:25, 2and17, Tenn 30.  UC.  The OL is now 65/Garry Williams, 71/C.J. Davis, 73/MacBern at C, 72/Robinson, and 64/Petitti.  A motley group.  Clausen throws a frozen rope to 81/KMoore for 16, just short of a FD.  Great pass.

9:57, 3and2, Tenn 15.  False start on 73/MacBern

9:40, 3and7, Tenn 20.  False start on 65/Wms.

9:30, 3and12, Tenn 25.  False start on 71/Davis.

8:57, 3and17, Tenn 30.  Completion to 12.Gettis for 7 yds.  Kudos to Clausen for keeping his cool.

8:23, 4and10, Tenn 23.  We kick a 41 yd FG, to go up 15-7.


Series #13:  (after another INT by 32/Witherspoon.  He went to the ground untouched, and was called out for it on the sidelines by Fox and Meeks.  Could have picked up more yds.)

4Q, 5:28, 1and10, Car 34.  Run by 40/Vaughn for 4 yds.

4:54, 2and6, Car 38.  Another run by 40/Vaughn loses a yd.

4:15, 3and7, Car 37.  Play of the game, as Clausen tosses to 82/Barnidge, 3 yds out to the left.  Barnidge breaks 3 tackles on his way up the sideline, for a 50 yd gain.

3:26, 1and10, Tenn 13.  Incomplete, batted down at the line.

3:24, 2and10, Tenn 13.  Run by 40/Vaughn to the 7 for 8 yds.  Good block downfield by 12/Gettis to spring him.

2:35, 3and2, Tenn 5.  This was a FD run by 40/Vaughn, but called back by a Hold on 64/Petitti.  This probably prevented a TD, as we'd have been on the 2, goal to go.

2:30, 3and12, Tenn 15.  SG.  Nice screen pass to 40/Vaughn, who takes it to the 7, but short of a FD.

2:21, 4and4, Tenn 7.  Kasay misses a 25 yd chip shot.  Ball turns over to Tenn.


There was a last play at 0:39, when Clausen took a knee, but I own't call it a drive.


In retrospect, the thing that's keeping us back from scoring on offense isn't the play of the QB's, or the WR's, or the RB's.  It's all the damned penalties (False Starts, Holding, Blocks in the Back) which abort any momentum.  Fix these, and our O will start to click.  At least, that's my take on it.  This takes hours to transcribe, but I'll try to get to the D tomorrow.

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