There's Value in Fantasy Mock Drafts

If you know your draft position for an upcoming draft I find it useful to participate in a couple mock drafts at that position just to see how things shake out at that spot.You first have to hope you get other mock drafters that are serious about it. I started one earlier and the guy with the #1 pick took Tim Tebow. I dropped out after my first pick; that guy is obviously going to skew the results. I hope if you are going to bother doing a mock that you will at least take it half serious.

I just completed one using the CBS Mock draft tool and here's my starting line-up from the #8 slot:

Player Position Round Drafted Overall Pick Projected Fantasy Points
Peyton Manning QB 1 8 347
Ryan Grant RB 3 28 166
DeAngelo Williams RB 2 13 181
Jeremy Maclin WR 10 93 110
Steve Smith WR 4 33 141
Hines Ward WR 6 53 131
Visanthe Shiancoe TE 7 68 105
Lawrence Tynes K 13 128 125
Packers DST 8 73 192.5

So is this really who I might take in my real draft this weekend? Maybe! But let's analyze it anyway to see what we can take from it...after the jump...

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So here's my thoughts, right or wrong:

  • I still like taking a top QB late 1st round. Brees was already gone so Manning was my 2nd choice at QB
  • I waited until the 4th round to take a WR and I think I waited too the time the 6th round rolled around there weren't many choice WRs left
  • What was in abundance in the 6th round was decent RB's...maybe I'll go WR in the 3rd round to get a better one and wait for a 2nd RB
  • The top TEs always seem to go too early. Gates went in the 4th round. Same with the top defenses.
  • Manning, D-Will & Grant seems like a pretty good top 3. I could have had Stewart later in the 4th or 5th I think but passed. I don't like the idea of having both but maybe someone out there disagrees. Reasoning?
  • Its the Giants Steve Smith I selected, not ours. 89 was already gone (as if I would take the Giants version over our Smith!)
  •  TE Siancoe is a much safer pick with Favre coming back. He's a solid TE for a 7th round pick. He had 11 TDs last season
  • I took the Packers D mainly to get in on a run on DSTs. I'm not that sold on them but I know they have a good schedule. I always draft at least two DSTs so I can play the match-ups.
  • Look at the projected point difference between my 4th round WR and my 10th rounder...30 points, or less than 2 pts per game. Sure I have lost games by a single point but still, that pick is coming 6 rounds later. Seems to emphasize going top WR early.
  • Would you take a WR in the 1st round?
  • Would you trust Tynes as your kicker. Seems he had some problems last year. On the other hand, the Giants o-line is struggling. I'm thinking they can move the ball but might stall leading to more FG opportunities. 

Anyone else want to share draft day tips? Do you like the starting line-up above?

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