Panther Paw Prints: Jets Preseason Loss Edition

We got a few Paw Prints from the weekend for you. There haven't been a lot of quotes from players after the game yet so I imagine we'll have another edition later this week. I've tried to avoid the recap posts as well. So here goes, in no particular order:

The offense is now obviously the biggest concern given they can't seem to move the ball at all. For all the work on the passing game it's not showing:

No more excuses, the Panther passing game must improve | passing, charlotte, excuses - Sports - Gaston Gazette
"You see a lot of other teams do it and do it well," Gross said. "It's been widely known we're a young team. We've got to a lot of new faces in the receivers and a new guy slinging the ball. It won't come together overnight... But we really need to work on our passing game."

Looks like the this guy at the Observor is trying to steal James Optimist format. Give it up Fowler, your no match for the Aussie:

After 2nd preseason loss, is glass half full or empty? -
Pessimist: It doesn't matter how good the defense was because the Panthers' special teams and the offense looked so awful. If the Panthers could field a punt cleanly, they might well have won Saturday night. As it was, however, the Panthers made three turnovers on punt returns alone and five overall. And they still haven't scored an offensive touchdown in two exhibition games.

...more after the jump...

It's hard not to like Rex Ryan as a football coach with such colorful analogies:

Rex Ryan on Jets and Panthers offenses in 9-3 game: 'It looked like a pillow fight out there' - The Huddle: Football News from the NFL -
"I told (Panthers coach) John Fox it looked like a pillow fight out there with both offenses struggling. Obviously on offense, we got it handed to us pretty good. But I know we can play better than that."

The most important thing after any preseason game is to avoid injury. So far so good, or at least not too bad:

Inside the Panthers: Wrapping up an ugly one
Injury wise, they seemed to come out OK. Fox said CB C.J. Wilson "got dinged" and that CB Captain Munnerlyn had a calf strain. Wilson went down after defending a deep pass, and asked how he felt, grinned and replied: "I just fell on my face. I'm good."

If you prefer to look at the positive it starts with DE Everette brown:

Panthers’ offense lags in preseason loss to Jets |
"He was very good," Fox said. "Our defense played very well and gave us a chance to win."

Like I said, more Paw Prints to come as well as more analysis of the Jets game.


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